UTIs: are they associated with Hepatitis B?

Hi Dr Thomas Tu,
I am having UTI, is it possible that men will get this infection it’s own apart from sex?
My symptoms: lower back pain, testicle pain, bit of abdominal pain, bit of high body temperature, is it the sign of bladder infections?
Will bladder infection cause lower back pain?
Will kidney cause lower back pain?
Or can it be hepatitis that causes all of this trouble?

Hi @Star505,

This is a question probably better answered by @MarkDouglas infectious diseases specialist. However, my understanding is that UTIs are caused by bacteria being somehow introduced to your urethra and not necessarily due to sexual intercourse.

UTIs are not a common symptom of hepatitis B.


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Thank you dr. Thomas Tu, I’m having green mark like someone beaten me on some of my body part usually on legs that appear and goes naturally, is it related to hepatitis b? Does it means my liver getting worst?

What were platelet levels on your last blood test?