Urgent, can someone help me with my concern

Hello guys long time no talk here,
I officially moved from China to uk and this is the second month I’ve been living here now. So far so good, I’m just about to run out of my TAF that I brought from china. I’ve registered in the system as Hep b carrier, it takes so long to get my result I have not yet spoke to a doctor cause I have to wait till they call me back:

The prescription place here told me they don’t have TAF for me, only can provide me with enticavior and some other alternatives,

I’ve been on TAF for a year and some months now it would be two years in august for me, I started from the virus 2.87E+09, and in December 1st 2022 I believe I was at 7.77E+02, i don’t know my virus load now cause the test that Uk hospital sent me didn’t show it clearly, I’m so worried, cause it’s almost two years my virus has not been undetectable, my ultrasound is normal. So is other result,

What should I do now? Should I just switch pills? Would that be a big risk? Or should I just buy pills from China and mail them here? Also can someone help me read the test result?

Thank In advance

Hi @Limin ,

I’m really glad to hear that you are getting settled in The U.K. I’ll leave your labs to be explained by the experts. I can tell you from personal experience that you can switch between ETV, TDF and TAF. I was switched by my hepatologist between all 3 within around a year and then ended back on TAF. However, while switching between them, I had to do my blood labs more often. When I was switched from one to another, they had me do labs within like 2 weeks, then 4 weeks and so on. When I was switched to the next, I went through the same process again. I don’t know how necessary this is for the non-cirrhotic patient – hopefully the experts will chime in about that.

I don’t see on your labs where they put your HBV viral load (not just clearly) at all. Hopefully they did or will do that. I think depending on your insurance, you may only be able to get generics like ETV and TDF. Maybe that’s why TAF isn’t available to you. Maybe some folks from the U.K. can assist with some info on this for you.

Glad to hear from you and glad you are doing well for the most part.



Hi @Limin,

I’ve had some conversations with my colleague who is a hepatologist in the UK.

They have mentioned that GPs may not have access to referring you to have a HBV DNA test, and it is best for them to refer you to a hepatologist who can help you manage your condition.

TAF is not available in the UK. You would most likely be switched over to TDF, given you appear to be within childbearing age.

The HBV DNA levels should not matter directly regarding your disease, it is your liver health that is important. Your ultrasounds are consistent with that being good, so you shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Thomas. Yesu GPS told me she can’t give me TAF she try to get hold of specialist to call me back and see if they can give me this pill, it’s been 2 months now have not heard from any doctors so disappointing.
For the TDF, would you say it’s a damage to liver if I just start switch from TAF to TDF one day? Is there anything I need to do before I switch

Thank you Paul, yes you’re right, In uk they don’t provide with TAF. The only way to get it is through a specialist I’m just very disappointed at how they work here I’ve been trying to talk to a doctor for past two months but I still can not. So during your stage of changing pills, do you just start do it one day? Or is there any preparation before that.

Hope you’re doing well.

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Hi @Limin ,

Each time I was switched from one antiviral to another, they just had me stop one and start the other. There was no preparation to change. I did have to do my labs more often at the beginning of a switch though. I only did this under supervision of my hepatologist however. I wish you could get in to see a doctor. If you don’t have a choice and you have to switch on your own, then try to get a baseline lab test before you switch and then maybe get labs done within a month and then 2-3 months after that until you reach the standard 6 months.

You just want to make sure that there are no major changes in your labs. As I explained before, I switched amongst all of them and I had no changes in my labs and this was with me having cirrhosis. With you being much healthier than me, you should not have much if any issue. As you know, I am not an expert or professional and I am just sharing my own experience with you. If I am advising you incorrectly, then I am sure one of the @healthexperts or @scienceexperts will correct or supplement anything I have shared.

Sorry for your frustrations dealing with this in the U.K. Maybe we need to have supplemental support groups per country since policies and procedures and issues people may deal with can be different in each country. Maybe some of our members from the U.K. could help advise you or give you some hints and tips on how to navigate the medical system there.

I wish you the best of luck and good fortune,


Dear @limin,

It is best to see your doctor (if not the liver specialist, then at least your GP) about this. I cannot provide you with any medical advice.


Hi Thomas, I’ve talked with my Gp, the doctor imma gonna meet him on 3rd April. They sent me 3 month of pills. But the packaging and the pill is very different from what I used to have,
i always take the one that’s 25 mg with the yellow packaging on the outside

They sent me these three bottles that’s 245mg
Anyone has knowledge on how much this would affect?

Dear @Limin,

It’s great that you were able to be provided treatment. As mentioned above, TAF (the medication you have been using previously) is not available in the UK and you have been prescribed TDF instead. The normal dose of TDF for treating HBV is a 245 or 300mg tablet daily.