Understanding the HBV condition more

Hello @ThomasTu @Joan_Block @PuallyHBV @john.tavis thank you for all you to for the community. I recently joined and I have really benefited from all the informations shared.

I was diagnosed of HBV about 2 weeks ago. I don’t know how long I have had it and I’m currently doing further test to access my situation. My LFT is normal.

But I wanted to ask why people with acute hepatitis b can’t start using TDF or TAF to reduce their viral loads even though their liver is in good condition. Want that help clearing the virus easier as it is with acute cases. Why wait for 6 months to make a decision if to start treatment or now.

Since 90% of adults will clear the virus in its Acute stage, why can’t they start on antiviral medications to help the body. I’m not sure if you understood what I’m trying to ask but I’ll leave it here and await your reply. Thank you so much.


Hi @Intime009,

Treatment for HBV initiates only when a defined set of clinical criteria are met, and being HBV+ is only one of them. Basically, the current medical guidelines indicate that treatment doesn’t start until the virus starts causing overt disease. Many people can have HBV for decades before that happens, and some never have disease and live normal lives. The medical guidelines are so conservative because the medical community takes an oath to first “Do No Harm”. In the absence of disease, the very small risk of side effects from the drugs overwhelms the medical need, so the current standard of care is to monitor patients carefully and start treatment when (or if) they start experiencing disease.



Hi @Intime009
I hope you don’t become chronic.
I think another reason is because you could become resistant to the medication. Also it’s expensive, depending where you live.
My views are a small percentage of your question. Might not reflect your condition.

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