Understanding the 6 months timeframe

Hi there, I want to understand something, for those who show acute hepatitis B symptoms, does the 6 months timeframe start counting from the date of infection? Or it starts from the moment the symptoms begin. I’m asking because some people knew when they were infected and they experience the symptoms on the 6th month after the date of infection, if so then such persons have no time to clear the virus after the symptoms resolves.


Dear @Ossaidavid,

My understanding is that official guidelines state that it is from 6 months when you were first diagnosed.


Do you have a link to the research conducted where they made the conclusion that

“90% of adults clear the virus in 6 months?”

Probably the best known study about this is by Brian McMahon:
Acute Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Relation of Age to the Clinical Expression of Disease and Subsequent Development of the Carrier State | The Journal of Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic