Understanding hbv vaccines

Hello my family, following my recent unfortunate experience, I want to understand more about HBV vaccines.

First let me begin by thanking all the specialist in this forum for their undying support they have shown to us especially myself.

Kindly help me understand these
a. How long can vaccines protect a partner who is not infected

b. I understand the vaccines are in three dosage which are taken from 0,1&6 months respectively.
After which dosage is one fully protected

c. Have read that Hbv can easily be transmitted through saliva, sweat, or anybody fluid apart from sexual intercourse. Is it proper to share a kiss with a partner who has not gone through the whole dosage of vaccines

d. Apart from vaccines, I understand that condoms can protect one’s Partner from being affected. Does it mean kissing has no effect yet at such moment, saliva are shared?

e. What are some necessary tests done prior to vaccines? Is it a must for LFT to be carried out before admitting vaccines?

f. Are vaccines given free, if not, how much especially in Kenya? (Kenyans in the forum kindly can help with this information)

Regards Vera

Hi @Vera,
Great questions. The vaccines are safe and effective at giving a life long protection against hepatitis B. One has to complete the entire series to get the full protection of the vaccine. The chances of getting infected through saliva and sweat is less likely, but from other body fluids such as semen or blood that will increase the likelihood of getting infected. If your partner is negative, getting vaccinated is the best way forward. For there to be a transmission there have to be an infected blood and a cut or wound or opening somewhere. If there is no infected blood or fluid nor openings/wound/cuts the chances decreases. There are so many ways one could get infected with hepatitis B, the best protection is through vaccination.

There are some NGOs who offer free vaccines in parts of Africa but I am not sure where. You can ask your provider as he or she might know more about this. I hope this helps. Best Bansah1.

Hello @ Bansah 1, thanks so much for your response. Much appreciated :pray::pray:

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Anytime. Try and ask your provider or if you know of any hepatitis B organization ask them about where someone can get a free vaccination. Best, Bansah1.

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Just to follow up on @Bansah1’s great response, there has been no reported transmission through saliva or sweat. It is not a likely source of transmission at all.

Correct, condoms can stop transmission. The risk of transmission from kissing is close to zero in any case.

Generally the only test is measuring the antibodies against HBsAg: if these are low, then it is worthwhile giving the vaccination. If it is high, then that person is already protected. People will also be tested for HBsAg: if this is positive, then that person already has an infection and a vaccination will not be useful.

Hope this helps,

Thanks so much @ThomasTu

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