Ultrasound results

Hi to all experts in the medical field I did an ultrasound 2 weeks ago these are my results I need an opinion on how are my results do I need to make any lifestyle changes. Another question what does it mean the The echotexture of the liver appears coarse. Am worried about this



The cranio-caudal diameter of the liver measures: 12.63 cm.

The gallbladder wall measures 1.7 mm.

The common bile duct measures 3.0 mm.

The right kidney measures 12.41 cm in length.


The liver size appears normal. The echogenicity of the liver
appears normal. The echotexture of the liver appears coarse. The
surface of the liver appears smooth. Normal flow is seen in the
main portal vein.


The gallbladder appears normal.

Negative sonographic Murphy’s sign.

Biliary Tree

The common bile duct appears normal.

The intrahepatic ducts appear normal.


The visualized portions of the pancreas appear normal.


The visualized portion of the aorta appears normal.

Inferior Vena Cava

The visualized portion of the inferior vena cava appears normal.

Right Kidney

The right kidney appears normal in size and echogenicity. No
evidence of hydronephrosis seen. No masses or calcifications are

No discrete liver lesions. No acute abnormality seen.

Hello the report on liver surface “appearing” coarse is not helpful information. There are better tests to determine if the liver has scarring, (i.e., FibroScan) some special blood tests and sometimes liver biopsy. The ultrasound report is normal.

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