Travel photos thread

Dear all,

As I am in locked-down Sydney, I am missing being able to travel freely. I wanted to remind myself of places that I have been and really enjoyed. I was hoping you could all do the same for your favourite places.

Hong Kong: I grew up watching a lot of Hong Kong movies as a kid. The strange thing when I came to Hong Kong for the first time was how much it felt like a homecoming, despite never being there in my life. Such a great source of food as well. I’m not sure if this Hong Kong will ever exist again with all the changes that have come about in the recent times, but I really hope I will see it again.

Heidelberg: I lived in Germany for several years, the longest time I had been outside Australia. It gave me time to absorb all the aspects of a different culture. I really miss the bread, beer, and beauty of Germany.

Ho Chi Minh city: I took a trip back to Vietnam with my parents and learnt more about my roots. Such an incredibly busy place and such a change from Adelaide where I grew up. I mentioned in our August meet up about how you would have to just walk through traffic like this and trust that people swerved around you. It was an interesting way to trust in your fellow humans.

Paris: This was my first international trip. I was so excited to be on my own in a completely different city and culture. I really loved the Musee d’Orsay (a museum that was a converted railway station).

Adelaide: Adelaide is my hometown in South Australia, where my parents still live. I took this photo at the beach near our home there. I personally don’t swim or particularly enjoy the beach, but this reminds me that I have not seen them in so long due to the closure of the interstate borders. I took this photo >10 years ago, so that haunting feeling and desire to return to that past (like we revert to a teenager status when we go back home to see our parents) really comes out with this picture.

Please feel free to share your own photos and travel experiences!



Month before Covid hit and everything got shut down. Family went to Dominican Republic

Atlantic City, NJ during covid. My 9 year old.

Washington DC. National mall. Lots of things to see in our nations (USA) capital. Most powerful city in the world. Lol. I work couple blocks away from White House, but haven’t been in the office over a year and half…

Ocean city, Maryland. June 2021.

Bunch of local places.


You sure get around, Thomas!

I just saw something in the news about a mandatory $5000 fine for violating quarantine in Australia, is that true?

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but ever since I came to the U.S., I have not traveled outside of the continent. I have been to both Canada and Mexico and to every intercontinental state in the U.S. So I have not been to Alaska or Hawaii and those are probably two of the best to visit.

I haven’t been outside of the U.S. in over 24 years. I would LOVE to visit my home country of South Korea and Australia would be my second choice. Third choice would be a multi-country tour of Europe.

Oh yah, my last out of state excursion was back in 2011 to good ole Las Vegas. My profile pic is from when I was in Vegas last. That was the Coca-Cola Polar Bear that was biting my head off.

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Great idea! I really miss traveling. I had a trip planned to Turks and Caicos and Turkey in 2020 for my 40th birthday. I still hope to go sometime in 2022.

My last couple of trips before lockdown were to New Orleans, Louisiana in the US, Nepal and Peru. I’m not big on taking pics during vacation so it was hard for me to find photos to share but I dug out a few!

Here’s me showing off my first shrimp po’ boy with hush puppies in New Orleans. Needless to say, this is not a liver healthy diet!

I went to Nepal in 2018 where I was first introduced to regular masking due to pollution in the city. I also tried mountain biking for the first time here and hiked part of the Annapurna Circuit.

In 2019, I went hiking in Peru to Machu Picchu and ended my trip with a few days camping in the Amazon jungle. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad to have the memories to tide me over until I can get back to traveling again.



Yeah, I think it’s a very Australian thing to travel a lot. It’s very commonly said that the largest Australian export is Australians :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you’re right about the $5000 fines for breaking quarantine if you’re positive. Even if you’re COVID negative, I could get a fine of $5000 for not answering questions asked by a contact tracer; $3000 for gathering outdoors with more than 1 other person outside my household; $500 for not wearing or carrying a mask. We’re getting pretty serious about tamping down transmission as much as we can as we get everyone protected with the vaccination.

I would like to visit Canada one day: the international HBV meeting is in Montreal this year and it would have been great to go there in person.

I got to visit Seoul and agree that you should definitely go if you have the chance.

I too have visited the National Mall; very grand architecture and visual statements.

Yes! Istanbul was great, if you didn’t mind getting constantly getting hassled to buy a carpet or have dinner in a restaurant (free tea!)

I want to go back to Korea. Last time was 12 years ago. Next time going with family so it will be expensive. Plane tickets alone will be like $6k usd or above. Then hotel and expenses.


So beautiful photos. Hope the world to be open again.

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Wow! It’s amazing to see the places you all have been to, beautiful pictures!! Thanks Thomas for creating this thread. I love the picture you took in Ho Chi Minh city, makes me feel nostalgic! Ho Chi Minh city is currently being locked down due to the bad Covid situation there, so the city is not busy and active like it always had been. Hopefully it will get better soon!

I haven’t got the chance to go to many different places, and with Covid it has hindered the opportunity to travel even more :joy: But here are some pictures I took from my most recent trip to New Orleans with my partner :blush:

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