Tips for medicine taking/ healthy living

Hi all,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to send this. For anyone with high school senior/ 1st year college student in the US, wow, I had no idea how busy this time would be.

I wanted to share some tips I learned since starting Vemlidy about 1 year ago.

  1. When I got the medication I did not start it the day I received it. In the US, most insurances don’t allow a person to refill a medication more than 1 week before it’s due for a refill. During COVID, one could refill sooner than that and now it seems that sometimes, I can process a prescription early without requesting vacation override from the insurance company but things may be returning to how it was.

Anyway, I decided to wait 1 week before starting since my viral load was not crazy high because I wanted to have extra pills in case there would be a delay in getting my refill since my med was mailed to me. I also try to request refills as soon as I can. My pharmacy sends me reminders as to when I can request a refill.

  1. I also set more than 1 reminder per day on my phone/ echo device. I learned that 1 reminder was not enough for me. Since my daily schedule is not always the same, I sometimes missed the 1st reminder. Plus despite using a pill box and taking my med after breakfast, I still missed doses occasionally.

  2. If you never been on a chronic med or had to take many meds, I found these round cylindrical pill cases helpful. The plastic one is great because I can see the med but it tends to break easily. The metal one is great for travel.


Hope this helps. Just know even with a few missed doses in 6 months, my levels were close to undetectable. Good luck!

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Dear @hope4us,

Thanks for sharing these helpful tips for all of us on treatment! Really helpful to hear your experiences, which echo my own. The pill cases look like a great idea!

I’ve set myself up with a dual reminder system: I’ve set up my google calendar to send me an alert and also an Email. Once I have taken my pill, I delete the Email. This works for my obsessive “Inbox Zero” life-style, but other people’s habits may vary.

Would love to see other people’s daily routine!


Morning everyone.
I have mine in a pillbox. And take mine before my coffee on an empty stomach. My pill boxes have labels, Monday through to Sunday which is helpful because sometimes I think, have I taken my pill and I can go back and check whether it’s empty or not. Because I am senior I have other pills to take so it has become routine.

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Im thinking storing my med with this one.

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