Time to get closer

This message is addressed to hepatitis B warriors from Nigeria who are part of the hepBcommunity.org platform. This platform was created to connect people living with viral hepatitis B across the world, allowing them to express themselves freely without fear of stigmatization. Thanks to Prof. @ThomasTu, who conceived this brilliant idea.
As we know, Nigeria’s healthcare system faces numerous challenges in managing viral hepatitis B, resulting in confusion, poor health outcomes, and even death for some individuals. To address this issue, it’s time for the hepB community in Nigeria to unite and speak with one voice to demand better care and management from the government and policy makers. A Whatsapp group has been created to help connect Nigerians living with hepatitis B, allowing them to share our lived experiences, provide psychosocial supports and collaborate to advocate for better hepB care services in our country. I encourage you to join the group and help raise your voice for better hepatitis B care in Nigeria. Imagine 20million Nigerians coming together to speak with one voice, the government and policy makers will be forced to listen.
Join now: WhatsApp-Gruppeneinladung

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