The 2021 Bruce Witte Lecture, "From New York to Stockholm: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Viruses," presented by Nobel Prize Laureate, Harvey Alter, PhD

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I just wanted to make sure that everyone had access to this link to the above named lecture. There is a LOT of scientific information in the presentation. If you want to know the history of hepatitis B and like information, this is one to watch. The gentleman that is presenting it, Harvey Alter, PhD is a very witty person and helps make all that information more consumable. The audio is a bit choppy for the first few minutes, but it gets better for the duration. Also, you can catch our own @Joan_Block towards the last few minutes.


P.S. @ThomasTu : Maybe you could create yet another topic heading for “official videos, conferences, etc.” for links and information from The Hepatitis B Foundation, The CDC, FDA, The World Hepatitis Alliance and all the Australian based organizations, etc. I didn’t want to create one that was OFFICIALLY for these organizations myself. Although, I don’t mind posting links from The Hepatitis B Foundation since I am a subscriber and I get all or most of the stuff they send out via email.


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Thanks for posting this great talk and happy for you to keep the community informed about these helpful lectures. I’ve basically been adding those sorts of things to the “Learning resources” topic, but happy for you to further sub-divide it if/when it gets too unwieldy.


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Thanks Paul for posting the video of Prof. Harvey Alter’s presentation! He won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2020 for his discovery of the hepatitis C virus. But interestingly for all of us, he was actually involved in the discovery of the “australia antigen” with Baruch Blumberg who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of the hepatitis B virus!! Although Harvey is way too modest to talk about his role in the discovery of the australia antigen (which was later named the hep b virus), he was integral to that discovery as well. Unfortunately for him he left Dr. Blumberg’s research lab to complete his hematology fellowship, and so, missed out on winning his first Nobel Prize. With that said, Harvey’s lecture is very accessible for non-scientists so everyone should take an hour to listen to a Nobel Laureate!!! Always, Joan

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