Switching meds and side effects

I’ve been on Vemlidy for about a year now. After about 4 or 5 months, I started to notice that my lower left eyelid would twitch on and off throughout the entirety of the day. After a few weeks of this, I then, started to develop what I believe to be pins and needles or electrical shocks on my arms and legs and sometimes on my back. It became so difficult to deal with that I stopped taking the Vemlidy medication. I later found out that I should not have stopped taking the medication because it could cause a flare up. Before starting back with the medication though, I noticed the issues I’ve been dealing with were quickly disappearing. After starting back with Vemlidy though, I had no issues for about another 3 or so months and now my eyelid twitch has returned. I’m worried the pins and needles are on the way back. I was wondering if anyone had or heard of such side effects with this drug? My doctor has recommended switching me to entacavir. I’m worried because it was made clear to me that Vemlidy is the best medication available today. Also, my doctor said she’s hesitant because of the possibility of becoming resistant to entacavir. Any advise on the matter would be much appreciated. Should I go and get a second opinion or try this drug out?

Hi @anonymous17, I’ve been on Vemlidy for almost 3 years now and never experienced what you describe in your message. But that doesn’t mean your eyelid twitching and pins and needles sensations aren’t related to the drug. Especially since you noticed they disappeared when you stopped taking the drug! There are always side effects that are extremely rare so maybe your experiences are due to Vemlidy. Switching to entecavir is certainly worth trying since the most important goal is to reduce your viral load to decrease hepb-related liver inflammation. Although Vemlidy is the newest drug approved for hep b, I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s “the best.” Entecavir has a very low risk of resistance, so I wouldn’t hesitate trying it. Hopefully others will chime in, but remember, the best drug is the one that works for you and causes the least amount of side effects. Always, Joan

Dear @anonymous17,

I am on Viread (well, the generic version at least) and I have experienced eye twitching and buzzing in my limbs. For me, I realised a lot of it was due to stress going on in my life. I ended up making a concerted effort to take breaks, sleep better, and decreased the strength of my caffeine intake. It helped quite a bit and I barely have them any more (only when I’m very tired or have an afternoon coffee rather than tea). I didn’t stop taking the drugs during this time.

I’m not sure if that helps, but this has been my experience.