Support Group For Nigerians

It’s been a long time,I hope everyone is doing great,staying healthy and being hopeful?I am saying thank you to all the experts here and members for the wonderful support. I am putting it out here for anybody from Nigeria seeking a whats app support group of about 140 members with likewise mind and people living with HBV in Nigeria, should kindly show interest by commenting on this post. I will post the whats app link later if permitted by the admin of this wonderful forum.

Note… This by no means is discouraging people from coming to this forum time to time to get experts opinions and support.


If it helps, feel free to start a thread on this (or use this one). If it becomes popular, then I can even have a sub-forum for people living in Nigeria.

Just so you know, this forum can be set up on your phone too.



@ThomasTu thank you for the response and permission. I will continue to wait for more response from people living in Nigeria with HBV needing a support group. lastly, how could this forum be set up on a phone?

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Can we have the WhatsApp link for us in Nigeria

Very nice idea I’m from Nigeria i needed that support too

I am Ernest from Nigeria (HBV carrier)
I support this ideal too
I think we need to create a world.
Where we can live happily.

@chukwu @2020 @9ext nice to have you all here. kindly use the link to join the whats all group, remember support is not limited to that group alone, always check here as well. Hopefully more people from Nigeria will join, perhaps any other person interested as well.

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It’s a nice idea. I’m also from Nigeria

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The link isn’t connecting to me

sorry for the late response, have you been able to join the whats app group?

Hi am unable to join the whatsapp group the link isn’t connecting

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Have used the link but it’s not connecting maybe it has expired

The previous link expired, you can use this new to join the group.

Hi Ridohllah am also from Nigerian ,sorry about the jobs can you link me to the whatsapp group

I am also from Nigeria. Tried to join the WhatsApp group, it’s not opening

Been away for sometime. I will send another link soon

Good day
I’m from Nigeria and will like to join the WhatsApp group please

There’s no other link till now?

Hello everyone, sorry for the late response. I will be sending the link later today. Due to privacy and safety reason for the group members, it is now mandatory to show your test result to the administrator upon admission to the group, as we’ve had issues of people that aren’t hbv postive joining the group.

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Remember, test result is required. Drop it in the group as soon as you join using the link or messags the admin with it.