Suggestions for a new Catagory

I think many people would be interested in a Category just on Drugs or Treatment Drugs. It could provide a forum where members could

ask people questions about what drugs they taken, such as:

What side effects did they experience?

How effective were the drugs?

How long did it take to develop resistance?

What happened when they had to change from one drug to another one?

What other drugs were they taking that interacted with their treatment drug?

If there is a way for me to find just this specific information on this, could you please let me know?



Unnecessary topic in my opinion.

And lest we forget, most of us aren’t medical professionals here. Switching out medication without first consulting a doctor is not advisable.

Thread should be closed.

Hi @GreyhoundTJX,

First I want to explain that this community invites questions, ideas, opinions, discussion and repartee as long as it doesn’t violate community guidelines. All members need to feel free to share, ask questions and post within those guidelines.

I don’t believe that @Learner is asking for us all to advise each other in medical decisions about medications. I believe they were looking to create a ‘database’ in a sense, where members could post their data about interactions between meds and side effects they have experienced and what not. This community does not promote making medical decisions without being advised by their own physicians. Even the health experts on the forum may give medical advice but then they tell the poster to speak to their own physician before making any medical decisions. A large part of this community is about learning and gathering information, so let’s let the leadership decide if a post or a thread should be removed or not and otherwise be welcoming of ideas, especially when the intention is beneficial and not malicious.

I also understand that your post is not trying to be malicious either and that you are just trying to protect everyone from making medical decisions on their own without advisement from their own doctors. So thank you for your care and concern and desire to protect the community.



Hi @learner,

Most of these topics are already addressed in an existing thread Possible side-effects from antiviral therapy.

No resistance has been described with tenofovir-based drugs, and generally all are effective in lowering HBV DNA levels.

Regarding interactions, this is more of a topic for pharmacists to comment on.



Yes, a sort of database was what I had in mind.

Speaking of pharmacists I’m lucky enough to have been getting my tenofovir from a specialized liver pharmacy about 150km from my home. They deliver right to my door.
Anytime another med is added for ANY reason, I call them and they let me know if it’s compatible with what I’m already taking and whether I can expect any side effects.

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