Su Wang podcast interview and good explainer of hep B virology/history

“This Podcast Will Kill You” has done a great interview with Dr. Su Wang - Episode 89 Hepatitis B: Hepatiti, Take 2 – This Podcast Will Kill You

It also has a great background of the virus and disease! Well worth listening to.


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Thanks Thomas for alerting us about Dr. Su Wang’s podcast interview. She always does a great job of speaking clearly and from the heart. Although she was fortunate to not experience discrimination personally from her diagnosis of hep b, the fact that she’s chosen to speak out as both a patient and a public health and practicing physician is inspiring! She’s right, there is something very powerful about hearing your doctor share that they have hep b (wish she had been MY doctor 30 years ago!) to help reduce the stress. But even as a public figure, it’s very empowering to hear a professional doctor speak about having hep b and her personal experiences. Thank you Su for sharing your story, for being a patient advocate, and for spreading the word that hep b should never hold any of us back. If we were all able to raise our voices and be heard, we could truly be a hep b free world indeed! Always, Joan


Agreed! Thanks @Suwang88!

I’m also looking forward to their next episode on the 1st of Feb, where they talk to @chari.cohen and discuss Hepatitis B public health measures. I’ll link it here when it drops.

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