Study of social media messages to promote hepatitis B testing and connection to care among the Vietnamese community in NSW

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Researchers from UNSW are conducting an interview-based study with people in the Vietnamese community who live in NSW to develop a series of educational and promotional social media messages regarding hepatitis B.

Interviews will focus on the following topics: attitudes and knowledge about hepatitis B testing and clinical management; values and beliefs about health, the body, the liver and hepatitis B; experiences and impacts of stigma; sources of health information; social media use and value given to information on social media; and, trusted sources of health information.

This research will inform the development of an educational social media message campaign to improve knowledge and encourage health-seeking behaviours relating to HBV prevention, screening and care.

The study is seeking people aged 18 years or older and who reside in NSW and are Vietnamese Australian. We will ask you to take part in a confidential 30-45 minute interview by telephone or using online meeting platforms (Zoom or MS Teams).

If you participate in an interview, we will provide you with AUD $40 for your time and contribution. Interviews can be conducted in English or Vietnamese.

If you would like more information or are interested in being part of the study please contact: Khoi Vu 0477 915 329 or

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