Stress, HBV, and recognizing and dealing with it

I’ve read a few posts suggesting stress should be avoided. While I think this holds true for all people in general, I had noticed things I’d never experienced before. While the seldom happen now, they’re not completely gone.
Nose bleeds were common. Waking up with some blood on the roof of my mouth.
When I had issues with cramps, prior to taking powdered magnesium, my hand, face, feet would almost cripple me with cramping for up to 10 minutes at times.
I have found the gym helps alleviate stressors, usually inflicted ones.
Anyone else have stress related reactions like this?
Hope everyone’s doing well…

Did you try looking at your platelet count if it’s less than 150 you will be prone to nose bleed

No, I have not. Thanks for the tip. Will ask about that…

While you are testing your platelet count, ask the doc if can test you for Prothrombin time and INR

Hi @denny,

I’ve found things that occupy my mind really help. I’ve instituted a regular weekly yoga class, wood-turning for several hours on the weekend, and video-games to de-stress at the end of the day.

Would love to hear others on their ways of coping with stress.


On the lighter side, I think trying to figure out all the buttons and combos on XBox controls would stress me to no end!
For me it’s the gym. They have a heavy bag and a speed bag so after workouts I can “vent” on those (I used to box). It helps SOME aspects of my self confidence making a bit of a comeback.
I have 2 GSDs that keep me on a routine. I do some wood working projects when the weather gets nicer. And I try to keep the “honey do” jar empty.
But I really, REALLY miss intimacy. I must sound like a broken record…

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Hey Denny,

For me personally I have found taking ashwaghanda and magnesium in the evening’s have helped, I hold a lot of stress in my jaw and clench a lot, taking those two have really help wind down from the day. Meditation, weekly infrared sauna sessions and the gym has also been a game changer, ive also really tried to get into nature - hikes, ocean swims, or even just sitting in the sun for 15mins to just be present.

If youre into reading James Nestors book Breath was a great insight into learning how our breath can help with alleviating things like anxiety etc.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I do read for at least 3 minutes daily. I find it relaxing and informative (I prefer non-fiction, especially geo-political books)


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