Strange things going on

We have freedom of speech right? So dont delete this and let us discuss.

Im a positive patient myself from western europa where they say there is the best healthcare system(NOT).

I have accepted my faith. We all know a cure wont come out. They been doing research for decades but no cure? Do you really think in a WAY overpopulated world they r gonna give a cure out to cure 300+ million people? I dont think so.

We all know the healthcare system the medical field. Hospitals and so on are hijacked by Billionaires. By criminal companys who make profit of the sick. This is beyond criminal. What bothers the most is that they give you all false hope.

I mean you can lobby for pointless wars but you cant lobby for a cure?!?!.

My patience is running out. Im having radical extreme toughts and the doctors here just laugh you out. IM NOT LIEING THEY JUST LAUGH YOU OUT!!!

I call everybody to stand up and fight against these criminal companys. The WHO is just talking but no action. The start is made people rise your voices. The world is in wrong hands. A cure wont come out. The chronic sick will die hundreds of millions.

These doctors here are just to make money from you nothing more nothing less. The scientists here dont have the tools to bring a cure cus its not in their hand. And they wont give it into their hands.

Like i said start is made. These criminals are getting exposed day by day.

Dont dare to delete this topic. Wasnt it freedom of speech?

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All the doctors and users I’ve talked to here haven’t sold or advertised anything to me publicly or privately.
All I’ve received are compassionate intelligent conversations and a community I check in every now and then to see more users finding guidance.


You’re confusing freedom of speech with hate speech and fake news which you’re spreading!


Dear @H020,

Thanks for raising these issues. I think it does need to be talked about, there are good reasons to be frustrated with the current system and progress with Hep B cure; it does feel like the Hep B affected community has been underserved.

I think, however, aiming this anger at doctors and scientists is a little misdirected. We have advocates, doctor and scientists on this forum with Hep B (myself, @kinoti, @Suwang88, @Joan_Block, @Janefrancis, just to name a few) and though there is a sense of doing too little too slowly, there is no presumption that there is criminal or malicious intent. We are all doing our best with the resources at hand. When you look at the funding, the Hep B field is funded at 1-10% of the level of HIV is. Most of the approved drugs for Hep B are repurposed from HIV research.

If there is anyone to demand action from, it is from policy makers. There is where your organisation and voice can make a difference.

I hope this gives a little bit more of a broader perspective of what’s going on.



I think the cure is the vaccine. Treat the current patients. Let them age out and die with the hepatitis b. Not saying all who have hepatitis b will die from it, but let them phase out. Then prevent the future spread. We all know an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. In 20-30 years, chronic hepatitis b will be cut 20-50% less infected than today. Then in the next 20-30 years later, it’s not a concern.

It sucks we have it, but I m sure 20-30 years ago, chronic hepatitis b patients were probably lot more than today.

Suck we ( hep b infected) have 15-40% of dying of liver complications before the expected life span for an average person

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Yes, finally someone with some sence. Other guy said i was spreading hate. I bet he has some stocks in those companies. And @ThomasTu thanks for understanding, but there is so much wrong with the medical field. Its 2022 you can not tell me there is no cure or technology. Stop silencing the good people who want to bring a cure or others who rise their voices.

Im alone on this and i will demand a cure im ready to go far. I dont care anymore. These guys dont understand words ( companies who profit of the sick) these guys only understand actions

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Hi @NeptuneJ,

Not quite true with 20-30 years ago - see here: Requirements for global elimination of hepatitis B: a modelling study - The Lancet Infectious Diseases. It also suggests that with status quo and without a cure, there will still be tens of millions of people with Hep B 60 years later in 2080.

I think there’s no reason not to do multiple things: increase amount of vaccine coverage to limit new infections, increase treatment, and also develop a cure. Without a cure, the amount of death from Hep B will continue to increase until its peak in 2040, then slowly decrease. A cure would probably limit a lot of this. These also interact: e.g. both cure and treatment would limit new infections as we see HBV+ mothers in childbirth.

Dear @H020, I appreciate your passion for this and agree with you that the medical field is not perfect. However, I really don’t think there is someone out there sitting on a cure. Just to take 1 line of argument, there would be no incentive to suppress it, even as a business. Take the case of Hep C, which has cures now (owned by Gilead and AbbVie). These have been distributed extensively, and at least here in Australia costs are covered by the government. The potential market for Hep B is 10-times bigger; I don’t think it would make sense to suppress a cure.

I also want to emphasise what a huge scientific effort and achievement a cure is: the scientists that developed the cure for Hepatitis C got the Nobel prize, that’s what a big deal it is. While we have known about Hep B for much longer, the underlying biology of the virus (e.g. how is persists in the liver) is very different to Hep C so it is a harder problem. We have to be much more creative to get towards this cure.

I don’t think you are alone in this, there is a community out there and the environment is changing such that we are getting together to raise the voice of the affected community. This forum is just one small step in doing that.

I hope this helps a little,


Hello @H020, I can understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a chronic condition, especially when you have to buy the meds yourself. Some people believe that drug companies are not letting a cure in order to make profits. But I believe that scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure. Presently, let’s manage with what we have for now, i.e creating awareness to the public, ensuring vaccines to the unaffected ones and infected ones receiving their meds to reduce the viral load. @H020 I don’t know the actions you intend to take but please try not to do what might land you in trouble. We’re in this together please…


Hello @ThomasTu,

I don’t mean to be negative. It’s just facts in my
Mind. As time goes on, hopefully chronic hepatitis b will decrease and the population will surely increase. Then the percentage of chronic hepatitis b will be smaller and the cure is the vaccine.

I want a cure like everyone here, but also accepting that if there is never a cure it’s not upsetting. I do hope for a cure sooner than later.

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No need to be sorry at all. Your outlook and opinions are completely valid, just want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date facts.

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Sick of p(ILL)s. Sick of the p(HARM)a industry. Sick of all these talks but still no cure. Time is running out

With Due all respect, I don’t think it is fair for you to bring your anger here. Take to your State or local legislatures/Congress…Those are the ones to be mad about cause they don’t want to fund for the research and resources needed for Cure…

This Forum is for us to discuss best way to inform each other for survival. This is not the place for your madness against big guys…we are here together, so the moderators and great scientists/health expert in this forum deserve our respect since they are here to inform us voluntarily!!

Thank you and my god bless us all!! Keep the hope alive!! Cure is coming within 2-3 yrs!!!


Thumbs up :+1::+1: @Nass. I can’t wait to receive the cure


They all fall into One organisation. Even if i complaint there they wouldnt do nothing unless we unite but yeah.

If theres a doctor or researcher who is reading this forum and knows more contact me asap


Hi @Nass,

Much appreciated for your enthusiasm. However, given progress to date, it is unlikely a cure will be widely available within 3 years. We are looking more on the 5-10 year scale at the moment. I do not want to dampen this enthusiasm, but it also doesn’t do good to hype things up only to keep dashing hopes; I am aware of how much pessimism this can lead to.



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Are we still estimating 2-3 years even with thervacb and NAP? Here’s hoping…

Hi Will,

For NAPs, @availlant has commented on this in his thread here: Nucleic acid polymers (NAPs): targeting subviral particles to acheive HBV functional cure

With Thervac, I believe an initial clinical trial started a couple of years ago and we’ll get a better idea on what the timeline would be after the results are released.


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They are supposed to start dosing the first patients this year:

The researchers’ work further confirms the effect and explains the mode of action of TherVacB, which will be evaluated in a clinical trial, starting in 2023.