Sources to understand better HBV

Hey Guys!
I love this community, very helpful, more than my doctor!
I have question:

  • I have time, and I like reading, learning etc, but don’t have medical education (math / economic), but I want learning more (basic and more advanced topic about HBV so as to understand exactly medical terms, methodologies etc.).

Which sources I should read first?
I can buy medical academic book etc.

Hi LeonK,

You can try this publicly available paper here:
It quite out of date regarding therapeutics in development as the field changes rapidly but it does a good job of covering the basics of the disease and should give you a good foundation.

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It might be worth looking up the HBV-FAQs hosted by ICE-HBV: HBV Cure FAQs – ICE-HBV


Hi @leonk

Totally agree with you. Members in here are very helpful. I just started here.

Something I am really hopeless with local doctor who don’t really pay much attention to our concerns. And not willing to explore other related issue. I understand that HepB Virus is very complicated to understand and many thing is related.

HepB Community is my new hope for discussion and understanding resources for my hepatitis b management.


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