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I basically have to get anti-virals to suppress the viral load right? Suppressing the viral load allows me to live life normally like other humans right? And also protects me from any longterm complications right?

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Yes and no, how I read thing online. You viral load can be controlled but your still positive for hepatitis b. Which means your liver is still infected and can mutate anytime, which may lead to liver cancer. That said, if you’re on medication, know you are in the better and be positive that you are safe from cancer. Think positive


Hi @sam12,
@NeptuneJ is correct in a way. Taking antivirals slows the progression of the disease and provide some liver protection. The only issue is that this is not 100% guaranteed that we will not develop any further liver issues while on antivirals. With all this said the benefits of taking them are huge and remains so. The antivirals in a way buys us some much needed time if it makes sense. We use what is available today to stay alive while we hope for better options tomorrow. Best, Bansah1.


Hi all,

@Bansah1 says it well. No drug is perfect, and the treatments for HBV are not an exception. They provide huge benefits to HBV+ folks and greatly slow disease progression in the very large majority of people. However, they very rarely cure the infection (3-10% after decades of taking nucleos(t)ide analogs depending on the study you read) and redice but do not eliminate the risk of liver cancer.

Everyone, me included, looks for certainty in life. I have uncurable chronic illnesses that are milder than HBV, but they will nevertheless likely contribute to my eventual death. I’m not happy at all about that, but it is what my life has given me. Its taken a long time for me to fully come to grips with my health conditions, but I have done so. I hope @sam12 and everyone else who is HBV+ will be also able to achieve acceptance. It brings a welcome calm.



Thank you for your responses @NeptuneJ @Bansah1 @john.tavis