Shouldn't acute hepatitis B patients take immune boosting medications?

Hello folks, since recovery from hepatitis B largely has to do with the immune system should we be taking immune boosting medications? I mean the general recommendation of just seating down waiting for your immune system to cure you without and support doesn’t seat well with me.

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If you’re asking if one should be taking recommended vaccinations - sure.

Are there any other scientifically proven “immune boosting medications” (other than lifestyle adjustments like enough sleep, reducing stress, eating healthy with balanced diet etc.)?

What recommended vaccination are you talking about

It slightly differs from country to country - best to check with your health authorities (i.e. ministry of health website may have that information).

Dear @Ossaidavid,

If you are already HBsAg-positive, then a vaccination will not do very much to help.

There are no currently proven treatments that have been shown to “boost the immune response”. Essentially we haven’t found a way to improve our immune systems that have evolved over thousands/millions of years.