Severe liver pains

Lately I have been having severe liver pains. It started by coughing. But now it’s constant even when I stand or lie down or do anything.
It has been very severe.

Sorry to hear that, @Johnpaul_Ezeike. Have you been able to get painkillers prescribed to you? That would be ideal.

I know that @PuallyHBV has experienced abdominal pain from his cirrhosis, perhaps he could provide some advice here?


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Hi @Johnpaul_Ezeike

As Thomas mentioned, I did and do have random abdominal pain. Often times severe enough that I have to take strong pain meds.

However, this didn’t start happening until after I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and started antiviral treatment. I have had many new health issues since starting treatment and because of the time frame of all these new issues happening right after starting treatment, I attributed those issues to the treatment.

Since then, I have had 3 hepatologists and a GI that have not been able to determine that treatment was the cause but instead have determined that my body had bad reactions to the treatment for some reason or other.

The GI pain goes from my stomach to my ‘exit’ and we have not been able to determine what causes this pain. There are too many variables and too many conditions and nothing that I could control like diet, physical therapy, meditation or positive thinking has made a difference. I do also have gallstones, splenomegaly (enlarged spleen), varices and a bunch of other ingredients that could individually or more probably mixed together make up a hearty pain soup.

I don’t know enough about your medical history to say that our situations could be similar in any way. However, you are stating that it is pain in your liver. I have seen that many experts within this community have mentioned that the liver itself doesn’t exhibit much pain because there aren’t many pain receptors in the liver… hopefully I said that right. So I would look at other possibilities on top of CHB. I am not saying that CHB couldn’t be a contributor to what is causing the actual pain but it could very well be another condition causing the pain itself.

Some community members have talked about pain right beneath their ribs or pain on one side or the other and I know what those types of pain feel like also. Because the liver doesn’t give off much pain (based on what I have perceived from the experts) then I would look at other possible conditions/reasons or what could CHB have caused within your body that might be contributing to your pain.

The best advice is to report this to your doctor and strongly advocate for yourself. In my case the actual cause cannot be determined (as of yet), so I am stuck on pain meds as a solution. In your case, they may be able to find something specific that can be resolved.

I certainly hope that you can find a solution to your pain and I empathize with anyone going through chronic pain. Again, advocate, advocate and again, advocate for yourself because if your pain is severe and chronic, it will eat away at your quality of life… you matter and your pain matters.

I wish for the best for you and that you can find a way not to have to suffer,



Hi Johnpaul_Ezeike,
Good to hear from you. It’s been awhile. Sorry to hear you are experiencing some pains, have you spoken to your provider about this? If not, please do that as soon as you can. There are some hepatitis B organizations in Nigeria who are able to provide services and support to hepatitis B patients. I am not exactly sure which state they are in but you might want to ask around or do some research on this. By the way, where in Nigeria are you located? I know you are fighting on many fronts, but I want you to hold on tight and know that you are not alone. Hang in there my brother.