Seeking Advice About Negative Test Results Despite Having Symptoms


I have had negative test results yet I had most if not all of the symptoms of hepatitis. I would appreciate any advice regarding:

  1. Whether my tests are conclusive that I don’t have HBV (or HCV)?
  2. Can I have HBV (HCV) and still have negative test results?
  3. If yes, how can I get confirmation that I do have either type of hepatitis? and
  4. If I have neither type, then what caused my symptoms?

Details regarding my symptoms, how I was possibly exposed, and a summary of my test results are as follows:

I have had many of the symptoms associated with hepatitis. Specifically, I have had dark urine, white stool, pale stool, floating smelly stool, excruciatingly painful stomach aches, hives, red itchy blotches on my palms, itchiness on my face, and headaches. I also had and continue to have difficulty swallowing, dry lips, and pains in the right side of my abdomen, just below my ribcage.

My possible exposure came through sexual contact when a woman’s vaginal fluids entered my mouth and went on my tongue that had a cut on it. Before contact with her body fluids, and unbeknownst to me, the woman scraped off a piece of the top skin of the tip of my tongue leaving a 1/2 cm. wide scrape. She also left a bruise on the bottom left side of my tongue from sucking on it.

My test results are as follows:

Hepatitis Bloodwork

A. May 25 - 41 Days After

  1. HCV - HCVAb - Negative

B. June 20 - 67 Days After

  1. HBV HBsAg - Negative

C. July 26 - 103 Days After

  1. HAV - HAVAb - Negative
  2. HBV - HBsAg - Negative
  3. HBV - HBsAb - Negative
  4. HBV - HBcAb - Negative
  5. HCV - HCVAb - Negative

D. September 7 - 146 days After

  1. HBV - HBV DNA (Qualitative) - Not Detected
  2. HCV - HCV RNA (Qualitative) - Not Detected

Thank you,


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Hi Jason1,

These results definitely prove that you do not have chronic HBV infection or HCV infection. I assume the HBV DNA and HCV RNA tests are quantitative.

Hepatitis A and E viruses could be considered but these are usually self resolving.

So the symptoms you are experiencing must not be ignored and you should consult with a doctor. These symptoms appear to be consistent with gastrointestinal issues but again they could be something else. They also may have nothing to do with your sexual contact.

Best regards,


Dr. Valiant,

Thank you so much for answering my questions. I truly appreciate your help.

In case it makes a difference, the last HBV and HCV tests were qualitative.

I wish you and Replicor God’s speed in finalizing a cure for HBV.

With much respect,

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