Second cHBV blood test - Increase in total bilirubin


today i received my second blood test results after doing the first ones almost 2 months ago and i noticed that bilirubin was above the range and almost doubled from the first result.

Below the results:

Results from first blood check on 16.04.2024
HBV-DNA: 30347
AST: 29 (10-50)
ALT: 57 (10-50)
Gesamtbilirubin: 0,7 (<1,2)

Results from second blood check on 24.06.2024
AST: 30 (10-50)
ALT: 40 (10-50)
Gesamtbilirubin: 1,3 (<1,2) :open_mouth:

I am on Entecavir 0,5 since two months without any side effects and the treatment seems to work and i was very happy today when i saw the results. I couldnt have an appointment with my doc because she didnt see my results are something to worry about and therefore she didnt set an appointment with me. I received the results at reception and the lady told me that the increase in bilirubin is due to the treatment with antivirals and i shouldnt worry about. In max 6 months it will normalize. However i couldnt stop overthinking being stressed about itโ€ฆ

Can someone provide me with some feedback or their views please? @ThomasTu? @availlant

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

HI @Eddy,

You are having a good response to the ETV therapy. Do not stop.

I would not be concerned about this very minor bilirubin fluctuation but we will see what develops at your next visit. The suppression of viral maturation and reduction in new infections which occurs with ETV (and other NUCs) has impacts on how your body is responding to the viral infection in the liver.

Things are looking good so far.



Thank a lot Dr @availlant

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