Searchable database of HBV trials in Australia

Dear all,

Clintrial Refer ( has a free-to-access searchable database of clinical trials in Australia. I thought this site might be helpful for those looking to participate in ongoing clinical trials for Hep B (most of which seem to be going for HBV cure).

All you have to do is visit the search site (ClinTrial Refer), enter “Hepatology” as the discipline and “Hepatitis B” as the health condition. It looks like about a dozen are on there.


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What about here in Nigeria, Africa

We need it too

I agree Oluchi, I think every country needs something as easily searchable and centralised like this. I don’t know if Nigeria has one though. I don’t have much experience in that area, but maybe some people from Hep B foundation know more (@Joan_Block, @chari.cohen, @maureen.kamischke)?


Hi Oluchi, I’m not sure whether Nigeria has a database of clinical trials for HBV drugs, but the Hepatitis B Foundation maintains a U.S. and International HBV Specialists Directory on their website. Type in “Nigeria” where it asks for city, state or country. Maybe contacting one of these physicians you could learn more about possible clinical trials with them or another physician. Thanks for asking. Always, Joan

Hi Oluchi,
The Hepatitis B Foundation, in partnership with Antidote, also has a clinical trial finder, which can be searched with a couple clicks of the button for hepatitis B, liver cancer and hepatitis delta clinical trials. You can find it here: