Risk of transmission unprotected sex

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I have recently entered a new relationship and my partner and I decided to get an STI test done. Unfortunately they discovered that my partner has a chronic hepatitis B infection. After this they tested my titer as I have been vaccinated (I believe 4 times). My titer is 111IE/L. As I thought this would mean I am protected my partner and I had sex once without a condom (but he pulled out).
Last week he had his first appointment with the liver specialist. I asked him about this and he said well in medicine nothing is 100%, he also said that if I was to catch it in most cases it will become chronic. I was very surprised by this and contacted a gastroenterologist I know from when I used to work in healthcare. She said the fact it becomes chronic is not true and that she doesn’t think I would of infected myself, but I should get a test in 4-6 weeks. I can of course get a test but I’m wondering whether this makes sense and just wondering in general how things are going to be when I decide to have children with him. Will I not be able to conceive naturally. I am really paranoid at the moment because I’m really worried that I have infected myself…

Dear @Rhirhi,

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It would be great if you could clarify what you are testing with the titre. If this is the value for anti-HBs antibody in IU/L, then you are considered protected from exposure. Indeed people have had children with HBV-positive partners and stayed HBV-negative after being vaccinated (see Having children and Hepatitis B).

Any exposure during adulthood has a low risk of becoming chronic (~10% in unvaccinated people).

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Yes I believe this is the antibodies. It’s just every where I read to use condoms so I am really unsure whether it’s possible to have unprotected sex. My partner doesn’t know his viral load yet because his tests are still ongoing. I know rationally there is no reason to worry it’s just I get really anxious because I just don’t want to be sick.

Understandably so, @Rhirhi. As you can see from the forum, there are a lot of people that experience this lab test anxiety (it’s probably one of the major impacts of Hepatitis B that very few people in the scientific and clinical communities talk about) and it is normal to feel this way. I can only offer that it gets easier with time…