Retaking of Viread after 1 - 2 years gap

Hi, this is AH from indian subcontinent origin and currently working in Middle east - Age 47 HBV + since 1998. i had started viread in 2016 when my DNA levals reached 12,000. It remained controlled with almost NIL numbers where due to shortage to stock i was urged to stop taking the medicine in 2021. I got my self checked for about 2 years, DNA levels remained below 500. But recently in June 2023 it went up to 5000 +. My doctor advised to start viread again. I have started after a gap of about 1.5 years. Would like to discuss and share opinion and wordings from experts and fellows if this retake would affect the body negatively or would remain as normal.

Dear @A.H,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your question. My understanding is that restarting Viread is effective and will help your liver be protected against any damage from the virus.

Hope this helps,

Hi @A.H,

I agree with Thomas. There is no barrier that I know of against restarting Viread. It should work just as well as it did during your first treatment course.