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I am so excited to share my recent experience of living with HBV.
In few weeks ago on this month of May 2023,I went to my clinic after almost 2 years of staying with out health check up.
I stay for long period of 2yrs because of worry of costs for health check up and my convenience for trustful Doctor.
When I went to clinic,I was so shocked with the test results,I found elevated liver enzymes and viral load(ALT&AST 67/72 U/L compared to 2021 results(16/19U/L) and viral load of 2552800 IU/ml compared to that of 2021 which was 3072 IU/ml.
Thank God, the ultrasound was good and AFP was 3.51ng/ml.
I was reviewed by 3 doctors in this clinic (first physician,2&3rd by Hepatologist
3 important lessons I learn
1- Try your best to have regular check up with your Dr, every 6 months or at least once a year. This is very important because as you stay longer, the higher chance of damage to your liver health is,
2- Try your best to avoid life long stresses. if you are living with life long stresses, know that you are putting another pathogen to your body ,stresses impair your immune system very often, providing a chance for high viral replication and hence liver damage, stress is very important point to be concerned with, in your life,I experienced it.
3-Try your best to see an experienced Doctor for your perfect health screening,
For the first day of my clinic,I met a Physician, who was not experienced on managing liver disease,He gave me a hope of living with no doubt on my HBV infectious status, when I met with Hepatologist on the third day,He ordered me with other important tests for complete liver screening and from that findings,He concluded that,I should start an antiviral treatment.
I am currently continuing with my medication.
Thats all
Try to spread HBV awareness,it is very important point to help peoples living with HBV getting away from serious HBV complications.

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Hi @saidnuu,

You have some good advice listed here. One of your points that is so true but can be under-emphasized is about stress. I believe that in general, people think that stress is handled in the brain but our liver is our main detoxifier. This includes mental detoxification like stress. Our livers take the brunt of our stress so being mindful of that and trying to utilize different means to reduce stress in our lives is helpful.

Thank you for your post and sharing your words with us, this community is better off to have you in it.


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Thanks for your insightful sharing. Your thread is quite enriching especially for the newly diagnosed hepb patients as mostly are sort of director to follow.
I wish you the best medical outcome.

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My pleasure to be with you too

Thanks Kinoti for the good wish

Hi Saidnuu,
Thanks for sharing your experience. You raise an important point in your post regarding keeping one’s appointment and check-ups going even if you are not on treatment or your hepatitis B is inactive. Hepatitis B is a complex virus and can be very unpredictable. A patient’s condition can change without any symptoms or signs or feeling sick. One can remain healthy physically but their liver could be getting damaged without them knowing. I always encourage people to keep up to date with their appointments. Make time for them, I understand they can be a bit time consuming. Maintaining regular check-ups or follow-ups with a hepatologist/provider is very important. Great advice. Bansah1


Thanks for your advice

You are welcome. I hope you can keep up now with your appointments, very important as you have mentioned. Best, Bansah1

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