Reduction in size

Hi. I’m curious.
Does hepatitis B cause reduction in muscle size and weight? Because I’ve been noticing reduction in my muscle mass and wrinkling on my skin lately. What could be the cause, what can I do to correct it?
Advise please, thanks.

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Hi Joseph, I am certain that having chronic hep does NOT directly reduce your muscle size or cause wrinkling of your skin. With that said, however, if the hep b infection is affecting your appetite or hdyration status in any way, then there could be a possible causal relationship. It’s unlikely, though. Wrinkling of skin occurs primarily due to aging, too much sun exposure, or lack of adequate hydration (not enough water intake). As far as muscle reduction, depending on how severe it is, the reduction could also be due to aging, decreased exercise or mobility or worse case scenario, another medical condition. If you feel that your muscle reduction is severe in nature, then it’s something you could talk to a health care provider about. But other health experts may have opinions to share about your question. Thanks for posting! Always, Joan


Thank you so much for responding. I actually eat well, I have enough appetite to eat any quantity of food. But lately, people around have been telling me l look lean and of course I’m seeing a it myself. I happen to be a fitness trainer, I workout but I’m becoming lean instead which worries me. I was just curious to know if this is what everyone experiences or its just me.
And concerning age, I’m still very young, (26), I don’t think I should be wrinkling now

Hi Joseph
There’re a number of things that can cause you to loose weight. In addition to what Joan said, there are some medical conditions that can lead to weight loss which we won’t want to miss. I would advise you go to a nearby hospital and lay this complaints, I’m sure they’ll be able to investigate further. If you’re in Lagos mainland, I can see you as your doctor free of charge I.e if you don’t have medical insurance or don’t have money for consultation. But it’s really important to visit a doctor


Oh, wow. That’s so kind of You. Thank you so much.
I’ll see a doctor as soon as possible. Thank you.

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