Re: General post: Most promising cures as of end 2023?

Sorry, I missed two classes in my last email, I added them below.

Hello, I’m interested in hep B cures as my mom has been a carrier for a long time. I was looking through the Hep B Drug Watch list and the number of drugs under development is great, but also very confusing. Would resident experts on this site be able to weigh in on which approaches are most promising as functional cures at this point? I tried to find that info through older posts, but there is conflicting information, e.g., some say CAMs are promising (as of 2021), while others say CAMs are a dead end (as of early this year).

Major classes:

  1. Interferons: Mimic infection-fighting immune substances naturally produced in the body - new interferons being developed, e.g., by Assembly Biosciences

  2. Nucleos(t)ide Analogues: Interfere with viral DNA polymerase used for HBV replication

  3. Silencing RNA’s (siRNAs): Interferes and destroys viral RNA

  4. Entry Inhibitors: Interferes with HBV getting into liver cells (buleviritide)

  5. Capsid or Core Inhibitors: Interferes with the viral DNA protein shield

  6. HBsAg Inhibitors: Interferes with production of HBV surface antigen (sAg) - REP 2139

  7. Antisense Molecules: Binds to the viral mRNA to prevent it from turning into viral protein (bepirovirsen, AHB-137)

  8. Therapeutic Vaccine Technology used to stimulate the immune system as a treatment

  9. Compounds that activate the innate immune system

  10. Monoclonal Antibodies: Neutralize or bind the HBV proteins to reduce infection

  11. Checkpoint Inhibitors: Stimulate exhausted T-cell recognition of HBV-Infected cells

Thank you!