Pungent body odor for the past three years


Body odor! This is not a common topic of discussion among hep b patients, and I know because I have been on the other HBList for quite a while now and this has never been discussed. It has really made me very worried, and the troubling thing is that it is the body odor that has affected my life significantly and not the Hep B diagnosis. I lost a high-paying job because of it. Please, it is not a deodorant problem, and I am still open to suggestions if any type of deodorant worked for anybody on this forum.

I have talked to doctors about it including my hepatologist. My hepatologist said once my liver vitals were correct, I should not be worried about anything. Some general practitioners recommended I eat yogurt to help with digestion. Well, I am aware of supplements that help with digestion but, yeah.

Because of the pandemic, I am not currently working and do not have insurance, but I am currently searching and worried that I might face the same treatment I got earlier because of this problem. I am in the USA, MO to be specific.

I got really troubled in recent times when I came across this post on this site: What does your body odour say about your health? - National | Globalnews.ca. Here is the brief that got me agitated:

“In the case of liver disease, sufferers can experience excessive sweating and a foul-smelling odor that’s been likened to rotten eggs; which is the result of a blood-sugar spike, causes both fruity-smelling breath and a pungent body odor; and excessive sweat and odor can occur in people with due to their overactive parathyroid gland.”

This sounded exactly like the problem I am going through.

I must admit, chronic fatigue is also a problem for me.

I do not wish that others have this problem, but I will appreciate insights, lessons, leads, and directions on how to mitigate this problem.

Thanks for reading.


Hi @Mawriz,

Welcome to Hep B community and thanks for sharing your experiences. I think that this is an important question that others may be scared of mentioning, so thanks for asking it. I’m not sure however if that post is fully accurate, as I don’t think the author has any medical or scientific qualifications.

I don’t know if the body odour is a direct result of Hep B, I have not heard about it before. What might be useful is seeing an endocrinologist or dermatologists about your concerns. Your primary care provider may be able to give you an indication of which might be more useful.


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Thanks, Dr. Tu. I am aware of the tendency to ascribe every other happening in the body to Heb B just because we are positive.

I will be speaking to an endocrinologist or dermatologist in the next couple of months.


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Hi Mawriz,

I found a deodorant range by Schmidt’s they have three however the charcoal one is more comfortable and Countdown has it, plus a company called “natives” has similar. The base is baking soda and coconut oil which is also recommended as a mouthwash, baking soda I mean. I spent years testing practically every deo within my budget also experimented with blending my own which led to underarm stains and by chance came across the Schmidt’s range priced at around $14.

All the best

Thank you, Kaipe for the suggestion. I will be trying this pretty soon.