Positivity having HBV

Hi I know we all here have HBV and have struggled with the stigma myself and wanted to add some positivity and good vibes out there … even tho I hate that I have HBV it does make me more aware of what I’m eating and encourages me to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle … I also wanted to know if any of you have an occasional drink at a wedding and how bad a couple drinks here and there just because socially it’s hard for a young person to be completely sober all of the time … if anyone can share some positive stories about having HBV and also hopeful to have a cure in the future!


Hi…I used to like a shot of rye and a cigar but when I got this I cleaned everything up. Check out the non-alcoholic options…there are many beers, wines and liquor with 0% alcohol.
And when I stopped drinking even socially for years, many years ago, Dad’s root beer came in a brown coloured bottle just like beer does. No one ever slighted me for my choices and they still don’t.
I’ve been told I COULD have a drink at a daughter’s wedding but choosing NOT to should not affect your choice and decision not to
Just my opinion…better to be as healthy as we can be and never have to regret making a decision that might hurt more than just our social decorum.


Hey PkR,

You bring up a very good point for the majority of us. I’ve had HepB since birth with diagnosis back in 2006. During this period I had just finished my degree and lived uni life to the fullest, often out on the drinks 4-5 times a week. Thank goodness I was none the wiser at that point. The truth was it was such a big part of my life that slowing down even after finding out I had HBV took a couple years. I’m at a stage in my life now where I’m on daily medication but will still have the odd pint or two every now and then guilt free. I’m sure a lot of fellow sufferers might disagree but just because we have HBV doesn’t mean we have to go completely tee-total. It might have been wrong advice from my liver nurse and even my brother in law (who also happens to be a doctor) but they’ve always said ‘1 or 2 pints will have no effect on your liver’. Again, right or wrong I’m sticking to this and will continue having the occasional pint or two when I’m out. The main thing is to enjoy life, enjoy food and drinks but keeping it all within reason. I know there was suggestion of trying the 0% alcohol and I’m genuinely keen on trying that out soon.


Helloh . I also have had to slow down after my diagnosis in 2021 . Born with the virus but only discovered when I was pregnant with my child . It’s not easy honestly, but we got to take care of ourselves the best we can