POSITION AVAILABLE: Project manager for HepBcommunity.org

Dear all,

HepBCommunity.org is currently seeking applicants for a new 0.5FTE project manager role to help promote and expand the website. Please apply if you are interested in being part of a friendly multi-disciplinary team with a strong focus on directly helping the community.

Position description below



Please share among your networks and with anyone you think may be a great fit for the position.


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Hi @ThomasTu

I am willing to spare some of my free time to help if possible. I have expertise in website development.


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Thanks @senhour, really helpful to know and we may call on you in the future :slight_smile:


Hello @ThomasTu,
Hope you are doing great,
I am a programmer and know about web too. If I could be useful, I really interested to help the community. If there is also something could be useful in relation with AI or Machine-learning I really love to help. maybe I can be a little part of something. makes me feel useful and help me to get over with my feeling about HBV.

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Thank you for your kind offer, @IWillBeCured. Much appreciated and I’ll keep that in mind as we move forward. I don’t think we have any AI or machine learning aspects on the horizon for HepBCommunity, but could potentially be useful in our research stream down the track.


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Dear @ThomasTu ,
It would be my honor to be a helpful and useful part of anything that can help people. It is definitely the only thing that could offer me peace.

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I am writing to ask for your support in creating a new topic on the forum that is focused on leveraging the power of IT and AI to speed up our research efforts.
This topic would be open to anyone but would be particularly geared towards those in the IT and programming field, as well as those with experience in artificial intelligence. The goal of this topic would be to connect people from different fields and make it easier for them to collaborate and contribute to the research efforts in a more efficient and effective way. By integrating our knowledge and skills, we can achieve more than we ever could alone.
For example, IT and programming experts can help researchers by analyzing data and creating models that can be used to understand the HBV better and Suggest new models and interpretations. Artificial intelligence can also play a big role in this topic, as it can help to identify patterns in large amounts of data that would be difficult for humans to detect. Additionally, people with experience in AI can also develop tools that can assist researchers in their work or even suggest or recommend tools or anything that can be helpful.
I am not looking to interfere and I know data protection is very important in some cases, but I want you to consider all these motivations and potential behind the scene. I know everyone wants to help.
Furthermore, this topic also provides a platform for both scientists and other field experts to share their ideas and knowledge, which can lead to new perspectives and breakthroughs. Also, people who are not experts in any particular field but have the desire to help can also contribute by providing suggestions or feedback on the forum.
I understand that finding a cure for HBV or research are complex and challenging task, but I believe that by working together and leveraging the power of technology, we can speed up the research and perspective fast. I urge you to join this topic and contribute your expertise to help us achieve this goal.
I know there are many topics and every people are very comfortable sharing them with the community, but I felt the emptiness of this option in the forum. we are here to support each other.
Thomas, I would be grateful if you could consider creating this topic and if you need any help with moderating or recruiting members to participate, I would be happy to assist.

I apologize for the length of my previous message, I understand that it can be overwhelming to read a long text. thank you for reading it. Hope everything goes fine.

Sure, happy for you to start a thread on this.

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