Patent expiry of TAF


Just a question, when does the patent of TAF expires ? Who knows ? I found conflicting information online. Patent Expiry makes drugs cheaper.


Hi hepb1
Your concern is wonderful. I don’t know when it expires and I will be very happy to Know.

Hi all, I read that technically TAF expires 2022, however, 8 additional secondary patents could be used by Gilead to extend the patent life to 2036. Here’s the link. So I agree it’s unclear how long until it becomes a generic drug! Always, Joan


Yes big pharma wanting to make as much profit as possible, human lives is of secondary importance, then again researching costs a lot of money, there should some kind of fund to make meds cheaper.

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To help fund the research, it should be a global effort, especially countries like china, and other asian countries, usa with lot of hiv hepb patients.

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