Parents could not find a doctor to make a correct diagnosis of the child's illness

Good evening, I write in this group with the hope that we can find some direction for the situation that a mother is facing. please advice on this problem, what analysis to do, a possible diagnosis! I am the mother of a 5-year-old boy. 2 years ago I detected high values ​​of transaminases 400-500 in the case of the boy, following a hyperchromic urine that persisted from one day to the next. No other associated symptoms. 2 years of investigations followed: also on the virology side it was denied, genetic testing normal, extended panel of metabolic diseases denied, intolerances denied, extended panel of autoimmune liver diseases denied, etc. From an imaging point of view, no change is observed. During this entire period, we harvested constantly and the evolution was sometimes favorable (they were also normal) and other times modified without identifying a clear triggering factor.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Does “denied” mean that the tests for these conditions were negative?

How often were the high transaminases detected during this 2 year period?

It’s a little difficult to know what is going on without the specific test results.



I am not a medical doctor and can’t really comment/diagnose using these lab results. If it is not Hep B, it is really outside the expertise of this community.