Nucs off functional cure

Interesting approach, known since a few years as I remember. I wonder if there are/will be any other markers than HBsAg < 1000 IU which can predict success cuz there’s always some small risk I guess of liver failure, innit ?
Another question comes to my mind, if going off/on with tdf is not carring a risk of developing drug resistant mutations. I know it’s possible rather on older drugs not tdf… but worth to ask that question I think.

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Thanks for bring attention to this interesting study, @sorte.

Yes, that is an active area of research (we are doing some of this at the moment in our lab).

Yes, which is why it is always important to remain under close monitoring when stopping nuc treatment.

Great point, as far as I have seen in the literature, there hasn’t been reports of drug resistant mutations (yet).