New to this need some help

I have been recently diagnosed with CHB and my initial viral load is very high. I am currently on medication with TDF, can you please let me know how long does it usually take for HBeAg to become negative after treatment? And is it a good sign, that I am responding to treatment well ?
Thank you

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Dear Vekota,
As I told you in the other post, our doctors and experts here on the forum will inform you better. no matter how difficult it is, I know it very well, try to calm down and take it step by step, we all have a lot to learn and ask, but fear and anxiety only do us harm in the end.
From what I understand, it takes years of treatment and very low DNA to become HBeAg negative if I understand correctly…

Great news! I pray for more good news for you. We will never give up!
Cheers always!

Dear Vekota,

HBeAg can take many years to become negative, but the marker for the medication working is that your HBV DNA level becomes low/undetectable.

Hope this helps,

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