New patient starting Vemlidy treatment

Greetings, and salute to Dr. Tu and many others for setting up and contributing to this community, I’m happy to find you! I also would like to share and start my tracking here.

Today I started Vemlity treatment (05.2022), and plan to track its effect. I was never treated before. My baseline test results are as below:

ALT: 40 (35 @ 1 month ago, 26 @ 8 months ago, 20-29 since 2019, there was one test of 65 in 2018, back to normal in a month)

AST: 23 ( 25 @1 month ago, 19 @ 8 months ago, 19-25 since 2019, there was one test of 45 in 2018, back to normal in 1 month)

virus load: / (6.1e8 @ 1 month ago, 4.3e8 @ 8 months ago, 4-6e8 since 2019)

AFP: 0.9-1.5, for the past 2 years

Fibroscan: E=5.5 KPa/CAP=205 @ 9 months ago (to be tested in 2 months)

I’m 34, am I still in the immune tolerance phase given the high virus load? (You may notice that I had a brief elevation of ALT which went back to normal in a month, and I didn’t know why) Due to the recent increase in ALT, I started the treatment.

In addition, I was once able to bring my CAP back to 180 with low-carb diet, but my cholesterol increased a lot. It’s now 250 even though I have stopped the diet for a year. not sure if this is a direct impact on my ALT elevation, and I would be happy to hear any suggestions on a healthy path to losing liver fat and reducing cholesterol (my BMI is 23, in the normal range).

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