New diagnosis but old carrier

Hi my name is Iris and I’m from Hong Kong, 33 years old. I was told that I had liver disease when I was 3 and I didn’t pay attention to it as I was too young and there was no any report regarding to the disease( I born in a small village in China, then immigrated to HK when I was 8). My parents are not educated… I even got 3 doses of Hep B vaccine when I was around 10 in primary school.

Recently, thinking that I am not young anymore, I went to do body check and found out I’m actually a Hep B carrier. I spent 3 days to accept that and tried to Google lots of relavent information…but then I become more panic, until I found this community, I feel much released. I maintain a very healthy lifestyle, healthy diet with regular workout. I don’t remember anything happened when I was 3, but I have no any symptoms since I have conscious.

My condition now in brief: HBsAg +, HBV DNA -(less than 10 IU/ml), HbeAg -, ultra sound result shows that my liver is healthy.

I have 2 questions and I hope to hear your comment. I’m still on my way to learn the indicators.

  1. My HbsAb is 9.8 IU/L nearly +, does it mean that my body is still fighting and recovering?

  2. My ex partner had sex with me without protection, I have asked him to do blood test as soon as I knew the Hep B. He told me that he is vaccinated. We only dated for few months so it’s very hard for me to follow up his situation…based on my condition, does he have high chance to be infected?

Appreciate your sharing :pray:t6:

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Dear @Iris_Y,

Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the forum.

Regarding your results, I’m not quite familiar with them. Are you sure they are “AbsAb”, “ABsAg”, and “AbeAg”? If they are HBsAb, HBsAg and HBeAg, those are more familiar to me. Generally HBsAg is not positive when HBsAb is so high, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

Regarding your second question, if they were vaccinated, there is a good chance that they were protected. Female to male transmission during sex is also less risky, as described by the Hepatitis B foundation.

Hope these help,


Dear Thomas

Thanks so much for your reply. :pray:t6:Sorry that I made mistake of the terms, they should be HBsAg, HbsAb and HbeAg. I have edited the post.


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Dear Iris thank you for sharing your story. So glad that you were able to find the forum to help answer your questions and provide support in your new journey of living with hep b. Please be reassured that you can expect to live a long and healthy life since you’re already practicing healthy habits. And your liver seems to be in good health. The most important advice is to make sure you see a doctor who is knowledgable about managing hep b on a regular basis. Here in the U.S. it’s recommended to see a doctor for a physical, blood tests and ultrasound every 6 months! But some doctors are ok with seeing their patients once a year, especially if they’re not on treatment or at high-risk of developing liver cancer. You might want to find out if any of your relatives died of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer? That’s an important piece of family history to share with your doctor.

As someone who is 63 years old, I’ve been fortunate to be happily married for 35 years with 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. My pregnancies were easy and having hep b did not affect me at all. So rest assured you should want to get married and have kids at some time. Hep b should not stop you in any way from achieving your goals. Always, Joan


Joan, I just want to say “I love you”. During the most helpless moment, the universe guided me to this community and I have seen you and Thomas shared your experience and knowledge to light up the others, what you are doing is very beautiful and means a lot to people like me.

I will listen to your suggestion, to find a good doctor :slight_smile: and to live a healthy and happy life. I believe, if he is a right one, he will not give up me because of Hep B. Living with the virus for 30 years and I am super healthy, it’s kind of amazing to think of. I even did 100KM trailwalk and full marathon!!

Instead of crying and complaining about my situation, I realize it is better to stay positive and appreciate what I have. My liver has been doing a great job and I love it :relieved:

Thanks so much,


Dear Iris, thank you for your lovely message. I can tell already that you have a positive attitude towards life and that will help you stay healthy for a lifetime. With or without hep b. Turning any adversity in life into an opportunity - in you case being even more committed to practicing a healthy lifestyle because of hep - means you’ll live a happier and longer life. Please keep posting! We need your perspective and positivity … always, Joan


Hi Iris,

My case is very similar to yours. When I was 4-5 years old my HBsAG came positive. Doctors referred me to a city hospital which declared that I was not positive and hence my parents never bothered to have me tested again. I was not aware of it until I got tested again before some operative process and came out positive.

Now I wonder if my parents deliberately didnt tell me so I could have a normal life or I was really negative at the time but became positive later. We were not very well to do economically at the time.

My spouse and kid are both negative and they live a very healthy life. If your partner was vacinated mostly he would be negative. After my diagnosis my doctor suggested for entire family to test for HBsAB and if the level was less than 10 IU/ml get 3 doses of the vaccine again in an interval of 30 days.

Maybe you should ask your partner to do so too. In my family there was a general apprehension to get tested and hence I had to push them to do it.

Hope it helps. Cheers!


Dear @CGNepal

Thanks so much for the sharing, it means a lot to me. Knowing how to protect the partner also how to disclose the hep B situation encourage me to pursue a normal life. I hope one day I can have my own family like you do :slight_smile:



Hi @Iris_Y

Am currently with HepB for 30yrs now, i think i got it during my childhood years as well (no that i could remember), I’ve been strict to my diet and physical activities.

Am with a very handsome boy 8months, my wife is vaccinated (protected) and is negative of Hep B.

Enjoy life as normal, don’t stress and be happy, we all are here for one another. This community has helped me a lot when i have doubts and fear on how to cope with issues socially, mentally and mostly personally by giving time to read and discuss through this community.

best wishes


Dear @Cornelius

Thank you sooooo much for the sharing. Every sharing is giving me strength. There was a moment I was so depressed, doubted about my own value. Right now, I change my perspective to see things. I try to pick up something good from different experience, including having Hep B. I have an affirmation, which I tell myself everyday and I hope this can help everyone who read this post as well. " I’m whole, perfect,powerful, strong, loving, harmonious and happy."

I am so happy to hear that you have a perfect family and I would live with hope, having a same vision : Getting married and having baby. Most importantly, I have to value and love myself first. Step by Step and have faith.

Your post made my day :slight_smile: I’m so grateful to be a part of this community.

Many blessings,


Hey @Iris_Y
your most welcome, thank you also for such a powerful and courageous affirmation.
lets take each step at a time with faith :slight_smile:

you have a blessed weekend


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Welcome Iris
I’m happy you have found this wonderful site.
I’ve had Hep B for 40 years. No major problems at all. I have three adult children. All have been vaccinated at birth.
I suggest as Joan said to, monitor your liver through a good doctor and enjoy your life
Blessings Caraline


How about male to female transmission? during oral sex? and with protected sex?


woow! Thats just incredible and quite inspiring. Honestly, I have been sulking the last 2 days since I found out about the core ab being reactive. Keep up the good work and continue to stay healthy!


Hi @ZiiTR,

This link may answer some of your questions: If Hepatitis B Is Sexually Transmitted, How Come My Partner Isn't Infected? - Hepatitis B Foundation


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Thank you, makes sense and clears the doubts.

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Hi Ms. @Joan_Block

Ms. Joan you are so lucky that at 63 you are still healthy. Hope everyone could be as healthy as you, and can live till to have grandchildren. Thank you for always sharing you expertise in this forum. You are helping a lot. May I know, when you got infected? Ive been living hepb for 36 years now, and I dont know the status of my infection. How I wished I can live til 50’s🥺


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This is powerfull and motivational story. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi iamjen
Why can’t you live to 50?
I’ve had HBV for over 40 years.
I’m 62 years old.
May I ask why you don’t know your status?
I get blood tests and ultrasound every 6 months. Due now.


@Iris_Y I have the same situation with both high HBsAb and HBsAg over a long period of time. This is not usual. My specialist doctor hypothesize that I might have a mutated variant of the virus that can resist the type of antibody induced by the vaccine.

Obviously this is just a guess, but I’m terrified I might be able to transmit the disease to vaccinated people.

I know you already said it it hard for you to follow up on your ex. But if you ever do, please let me know of the result. Thanks a lot!