Needing help interpreting Test Results - CHB on Tenofovir

Hi all,

Im new to the community. First of I just wanted to say how glad I am to be a part of this community, its nice to feel like I have a safe place to discuss life with CHB.

I’m just wondering if someone can interpret and explain my test results for me.

Hep BsAg - Quantitative 14 IU/mL
Hep BsAb - <10
Hep BeAg - Non Reactive
COBAS HBV Quantitative - Not Detected Log 10 IU/mL

I have been trying to research on the internet and it’s all been a little overwhelming. With me having a Quantitative Hep BsAg of 14, an undetectable viral load and non Reactive Hep BeAb does that mean the virus is no longer replicating? I read on a UK Hep B Organisation website that a viral load of 0-500 is unlikely to cause harm, do I fall under that category? I’ve also read with my Hep BsAg levels that would usually be a likely sign for seroconversion in the future? What is everyones thoughts on this? I haven’t had the chance to ask my specialist as I see them on an annual basis, they just tell me that it’s “controlled” but I want to understand further into what this means.

I was put on peg interforn for 12 months and have be on tenoforvir for about 6 years.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Anon ,wellcome to hepb community. I think that your concern is can we stop NUCs after prolong suppression of HBV DNA to undetectable. Up to now , there are small number of evidence based studies and no consensus guidelines between national liver societies . There are no accurate predictor to assess which patients with CHB non cirrhotic HB eAg -ve due to that we don’t know about activities of transcriptional ccc DNA with best available biomarkers. Stop to cure is the strategy that some liver societies use after prolonged treatment with NUCs at least 2-3 years and have HBV DNA undetectable and normal ALT and low qHBsAg level<100 in Asian population and<1000 in Europe. . The mechanism are due to high HBsAg will suppress the cellular immune response especially CD8 T cell lymphocytes to be exhausted and have epigenetic scar
After prolonged NUCs therapy and HBsAg decline there are some patients turning to HBsAg clearance after stop NUCs therapy due to restoration of cellular immune response with good flare with or without Anti HBs . You should consult with your doctor because you shuld have close monitoring during NUCs cessation…

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Hi @Anon,
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing. I think overall, your results are looking great. You are still testing positive for HBV, your HBsAg quantitative is among the lowest I have seen in sometime (which is good) and undetectable viral load. It is accepted that the higher one’s viral load, the more likely the risk for liver damage. The reverse is true here as well. You are less likely to develop liver damage based on this results. Your results shows that you have a lower amount of virus in your blood, which might support your point about less/no replication going on. Keep up with your treatments and care, with such low quantitative HBsAg who knows but maybe you might reach a level of functional cure (a loss of surface antigen). I hope this is helpful. Bansah1