My story-please help me with some advise and reason for that pain when ultrasound and lft

Good day everyone,I joined this group yesterday when I was looking for a lot of things online as usual,I have read so many people’s story and I really feel bad for everyone going through this and all the soldier we have lost…
Please help me with my story,I’m worried,mostly unhappy,anxiety is going on in my life right now and it’s really affecting me mentally…I pray and hope I get over this mayhe I will be lucky enough to be alive when the cure comes…
I got to know I have hep b Nove 2021,a crazy day and the worst and good day of my life maybe since my 34years on this planet,I cried all through the night,look in the internet cuz they really have no much knowlegde about hep b in Nigeria, I am I did a liver fuction test and all was normal,did panel test HBSAG positive HBEAG negative.
Ultrasound was normal and I was told I did not nees meds since it’s heag negative… I did not do viral load actually cuz of our Naija stuff,went to several hospital and they are not doing it,went to several government hospital and I couldn’t get it done,actually,after 6months I did again and everything still normal,I came to the IK last year January but I have since then been having some little discomfort on my right quadrants just like mild burning sensation,that got me so scared and I was running up and down just to get things done,luckily I was able to run another one last year June and everything came normal with ultrasound and liver function test,after 6months with is January today I have gone for another test and this time I insisted I do viral load test cuz I don’t understand this on and off burning sensation and pain in my quadrants,so I’m waiting for the result of the lft and waiting for appointment for the viral load as I have to do that in another clinic and I have ultrasound on Friday…last June I did ultrasound and lft again when I came to the UK,everything was fine and within range,now my fear is what’s the reason for this constant right quadrants pain off and on…is it that my liver is failing and I need meds ?

Now in the UK,I have gone for my 6 months routine check and I am waiting to see what’s going on,I have not been able to see gastro and hepatologist cuz I have several questions to ask,so please my people help me with some useful info cuz I’m at a point where I have lost so much mentally,since my diagnosis I have always been unhappy,I’m hardly happy and I always feel sorry for my self and people around me.i don’t wanna take chances so as to get to start meds asap if it’s necessary and so I don’t want anything to get wrong before I start this meds if I am probably gonna benefit from the meds

Dear @anonymous61,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your experiences.

If your liver function tests and imaging results are normal, then it is very unlikely that your liver is failing. There are many reasons that could be driving upper right quadrant pain, as discussed in other threads:

It is worthwhile to investigating other reasons for why you are feeling these symptoms.

Hope this helps,

hello, my friend! Firstly, I would like to estimate improvements in your pain and health!

I’m Brazilian and I apologize for my poor English. I’m very focused on following other people’s experiences and sharing some of my own.

I have chronic HBV for about 1 year. and about 6 months after the infection I started to feel this burning sensation in the right hypochondrium. I have had several MRIs so far they indicate that there is no fibrosis or anything worrying. however, my hbv dna, which was previously 80 log, increased to 20,000 log/ui. I am also hbe negative. Tomorrow I will go to the hepatologist to see what we can do. My hbe is negative, too.
Here in Brazil, treatment begins, through a Ministry of Health protocol, with the detection of liver damage associated with the hbv dna value.
I don’t know if the hepatologist will recommend a biopsy. but my burning pains persist.

I hope to share some positive reports soon. God bless you

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Hi @La.sciamachie,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hope the visit went well and you can keep us updated on your status.


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Thank you very much for your attention, @ThomasTu !

I saw my hepatologist on Friday and presented the test results: 20,000 iu/ml hbv dna, hbeag negative, ferritin 400, ALT 50 and a mutation in my hfe gene was found: a homizogosis in H63D.

Given these results, we decided to biopsy my liver this coming Friday. He said that there is a high viremia for the time of infection (1 year) and that I probably have a mutant virus that reproduces without the E antigen (hbeag negative). The procedure will be a way to better assess the condition of my liver, since liver enzymes, with the exception of ALT, are normal. So, I can have a virus infection without changing the markers… if confirmed, we will start treatment, initially with TFD (I would like TFA, but in Brazil they do not distribute it to people without kidney damage)

I confess to being a little worried… mainly due to the pain in the right hypochondrium, but the doctor said he was not convinced that the pain was caused by this possible infectious condition. My biggest fear is that it is already something more serious… but I hope in Christ, confidently, that it is not something worse.

Is this evolution of the virus the normal course? I don’t see many people studying this way.

Thanks again for your attention.

Hi @ThomasTu ! It’s me here again

As a first-timer, a passenger in agony, I’m finding out here on the forum…

As I said in the previous message, my hepatologist decided to biopsy my liver due to the rapid increase in HBV DNA. from 1.802 in September/2023 to 20.800 in January/2024. I ask if there is any relationship between high hepatitis b viremia and a possible hepatitis d infection? Could hepatitis b increasing so quickly be an indication of co-infection?

Hi @La.sciamachie,

Great that you got to see a specialist. I hope your pain gets better with time or you find a cause. Your check-up and viral/liver tests do not seem out of the ordinary for someone with Hepatitis B, each of us are in different phases of a chronic infection.

In general, HDV co-infection actually lowers Hepatitis B viraemia. So you should not worry that this result indicates HDV infection. If you want to be a bit more peace of mind, you should get a HDV antibody test to see if it is likely you have been exposed to HDV.

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much for your response and help,gone for the ultrasound and liver function test and everything normal as always.livwe function test everything is within range and liver ultrasound everything is perfect… although the pain has suppressed as I just have it one or twice in days now….i might try to talk to my GP on what to do about it…thanks so much

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