My story part 1

After telling my best friend I was basically told to never work again by them.They even told me I’m contagious I almost lost my mind because I thought my life was over. I had plans to start saving money to move out and be more independent.They even help me to be on benefits for $840 from the Government.That includes the rent/heat/water/electricity also food and medication unrealistic.The Reality is a lot of Canadian survive on that a month.You have to work with that $840 and make it stretch.Like me I was so close to being in the system thank god for the people around me.Before being diagnosed I was making good money and paid off all my debt like dental it’s very expensive.working two full-time job nothing special working hard.I’m thankful I’ve been praying a lot & one night when I was supposed to meet my so called best friend.I bumped into my other close friend and when I saw them I told them and they Took me outside of the city for 3 straight days places I’ve never been to.I enjoyed the nature and been to different small towns enjoying the mountains nature.This close friend talk to me 24 hrs 7 days a week.I was talking and expressing 7 stages of grief.They listen to me for 3 weeks straight.By the end I was mentally I was back to normal.I was exhausted by the end.Everyone deserves a friend or anyone like that.

Before talk to my close friend after I was diagnosed I was wandering around the city almost 2 and half month without even knowing.I was in so much shock I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and why me. I was celibate for 7 years and 1 night change everything because I trusted someone.I was wearing the same clothes every day looking back no wonder a lot of homeless people wander around the cities.To be honest there’s no support it wasn’t for my close friend. it could’ve easily took a drug from somebody from the streets and I would still be in that dimension of lost and keep wondering.

What I’ve learned is a lot of people specially in the western world who work in these mental health field.They immediately Put you in a category without even understanding your story.

I’ve been working since I was 13 with a learning disability I still used body to work I didn’t use my disability as an excuse I was thankful I can be a hard-working citizen in my Country.

I’m one of the lucky individual but what about the rest of the Chronic homelessness people who don’t have a support system.

  • Chronic Homelessness
  • Episodic Homelessness
  • Hidden Homelessness
  • Transitional Homelessness

If you don’t have someone who is going to believe your going to recover.The 7 stages of grief.The system in Canada is broken when it comes to mental health.

I’m still working on myself applying for jobs taking control of my health.The reality is there’s so much that doctors can do for you. discrimination And Biased exist in the medical industry it’s the sad truth.I’m learning to fight for my health also I do want to get into the medical Industry like health care aid or some thing around that line.Got long way to go 1 step at a time. I definitely see myself working in a hospital in the near future god willing. compassion understanding sympathy and love through experience.

I’m thankful to this incredible community and thank you for telling me I still can dream and still be A working citizen.

Things my close friend told me to do.

Get a new wardrobe and also staying away from city.I go out for important stuff like my doctor appointments job interview and gym.

I did a 360 regarding my lifestyle and thinking about things like medicine price/health insurance.It’s all new to me.I’ve deleted all my personal social media.It’s not important to me anymore. Me and my close friend we go on day road trips and they want to go to different part of the Country with them.They even teaching me how to invest for my future.I’m thankful to them I also want to be independent it’s very important to me.I know I’m very fortunate to live in this country.I don’t take it for granted I’m very humbled.

I read everything on here best of my capability I can’t wait to grow with this incredible community.



Hi Canada
You are such a good story teller. Your story is very exciting. I wish I had such friends when I was first diagnosed.
You have talked about 7 stages of grieving. I would be happy if you share with me these stages because I know only6: 1.Shock, 2.denial 3.anger,4.bargaining 5.depression and acceptance.


Good morning Kinoti hope your night is going well.Btw I enjoy reading everything you write on here thank you for being so motivational, with everything you’re going through.Your story definitely inspiring.I call myself one of the lucky ones who had a friend at the right time,when I needed one.Unfortunately that’s not the story for everybody.

  1. Shock · 2. Denial · 4. Guilt & Pain · 5. Anger · 6. Depression · 7. Acceptance.

Being on this platform tells me everyday I’m not alone.My story just started but we all have different phases in our life.

I’m grateful to all the storytellers on here who motivate me every day.I’m truly grateful to be on this platform with everyone.


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Thank you @Canada for sharing your story. It is so helpful to hear these stories and I’m sure that your words have helped people feel like they are not alone. Keep spreading the good vibes :slight_smile:


Thanks Thomas also it’s nice to have a platform to express our self🍁.

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