My new test result. Please help me interpret

Hello everyone
I was diagnosed with HBV in may

Here is my new test results

ALB :48
ALP : 56
AST : 30
BIL : 6
CAL : 2.50
CCA : 2.34
Fibroscan 2022 LSM. 5.5kpa
CAP : 163

ALT : 46


HBsAG 33898.70 IU/ML

Please what does all this means

Please help me because am a Liltle bit scared. Am not on any medication

Hi Chukwu,

Well you definitely have a fully active chronic HBV infection (HBV DNA and HBsAg are quite high) but the good news is that your liver function (ALT/AST/BIL/ALB/Fibroscan) is still normal.

How do you feel physically?

If possible, I would strongly recommend you starting taking tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or failing this, entecavir. These are good medicines for controlling the viral replication (HBV DNA) which, when started early on in infection, do a good job of preventing the development of liver disease.

Best regards,

My doctor said she will see me in six month time. Am not on any medication now. And I have no symptoms and I look physically well. I don’t know what to do right now

Hi Chukwu,

According to current guidelines on the treatment of chronic HBV, the introduction of therapy is not recommended unless symptoms of liver dysfunction appear.

There has been some discussion of this issue on this forum. My position is that early introduction of therapy gives the best long term prognosis for living with the infection. I suggest that you discuss this again with your doctor at your next visit and if you are not happy, seek out another doctor.

In the meantime, I would not worry about your infection while you are waiting for your next visit. If you do have anxiety then perhaps seeing another doctor sooner is the right choice for you.

Good luck!