My hepatitis b result

My name is Ade from nigeria have been diagnosed for chb since 2016 and my test results then said am anti hbe positive and my viral load was 1600ui/ml so the doctor said i didn’t need treatment as my body was fighting it so ever since then have been so careful of what to eat, drugs to use and what to drink.
Since then I was only doing the liver test which has been ok but this month Nov 2023 I decided to do liver test and viral load because I read about chb and somehow scared but my fear became real when the result was out and my viral load has increase tremendously to 21000ui/m with bilirubin of 1.39 but every other every other liver test very ok and feeling of not being sick, am about seeing my doctor soon but pls do I need to start treatment immediately? Because am scared of drug resistance and other side effects.
Pls help, thanks.

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Dear @Ade_leo,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.

It is common for viral loads to fluctuate when you are HBeAg-negative. Moreover, this level of bilirubin appears to be a borderline elevated level. Your doctor will be in the best place to determine if your particular case requires treatment, but may require ongoing monitoring to see if the elevated HBV DNA levels are part of a pattern. If your ALTs are normal, then it’s less likely that you require immediate treatment.


Welcome @Ade_leo
I’m sorry you are feeling anxious. I don’t think I can be much help to you as I’m not a doctor or specialist. Is your doctor a specialist? I’m asked ng because you said you don’t know whether to start treatment. Your doctor should be recommending treatment, if your liver results have hit the universal standard for treatment.
He should also know the tests you need to be monitored.
I wouldn’t worry about drug resistance as there are a few treatments available.
I’m really happy to hear you are being watchful of what enters your liver. Not an easy chore. Well done.
A specialist well be available soon . They should be able to answer any concerns.
Keep coming back here. Nice to meet you Abe.

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