My hepatit b discussing

good day!
thank you for such a good community for hepatitis b.
I want to tell my story with hepatitis b.
I am 41 years old, I am Azerbaijani and was born in Azerbaijan and moved to Russia at the age of a child , I got jaundice and my mother always said that I should not smoke and drink alcohol . but unfortunately my mother died when I was 20 and after that I moved to Russia.
and I started living here and forgot about my liver. But periodically I took biochemical blood tests. And alt and ast were always normal, and the rest of the markers were also, except for platelets. They were just below the norm, 125. And I thought the liver was healthy.
but in September 2022, I got a red lichen planus in my mouth. and I started taking tests and checking all my organs.
and then I found out that I have hepatitis B with replication and hepatitis d without replication .
there is a hepatitis B virus, but there is no hepatitis D virus(hdv rnk-not-0). (14.02.2023)
liver fibroscan show 11.9kpa by metavir, the doctor said f3-f4.
the viral load is low - hbv dnk-2.1*10^2.(08.01.2023)
all blood tests are good,except platelets
by phoneo 134,
just 104.
I also did an ultrasound.
there 's showed that the portal vein is about 10mm from the spleen.
I did fdsg on the stomach, everything was normal there. The expansion of the veins was not seen.
alt - 19, ast-18, afp(canser marker-3.2)
cholesterol,albumin, biluribins, glucose, total protein, and others are all fine so far.
prothrombin time - 14.8 seconds
prothrombin index- 87%
mno- 1.09 ( Reference- 0.9-1.1)
In general, if necessary, I can still write. BUT thinking probably wrote a lot, thanks in advance.
my question is why, with such a low load of the virus, I have fibrosis 3-4 appeared and for so long while my liver was being destroyed, my tests were normal . and I will also say that my doctor prescribed me entecavir 0.5 every day for many years .I will also say that all these years I smoked, sometimes drank alcohol, and did not follow the diet, ate everything in a row and especially in the evening and before going to bed.
And I also want to ask if my fibrosis can decrease over the years, or 12kpa is no longer recoverable.
HBeAg is —
IgG HBeAg is +
IgM HBcor is —
HBcorAg is +
HBsAg is 0,8
HBsAg is +
Everything I could write, I think about it every day now, I don’t know what to do, I read the Internet, it’s good that I found you yet. Now I’m on a diet, I’ve been drinking entecavir for two months, I don’t eat fried food, I don’t eat after 8 pm either. I have not smoked or drunk alcohol for 6 months. Tell me and please advise you, too, something. besides this treatment, can I do anything. the doctor only told entecavir to drink and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Thanks for attention.
God grant everyone health.

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Hi @orxanzamanov19820,

I’m very sorry to hear of your troubles. I’m not a physician, but I can provide a bit of background on the disease progression from a scientist’s perspective.

The human liver has a huge excess capacity to do its job under normal conditions, so it is perfectly possible (and quite common) for HBV+ people to have a simmering infection that is causing gradually accumulating liver damage for a long time (often multiple decades) without symptoms of liver injury. Basically, the liver damage is reducing the extra capacity of the liver to do its job but symptoms sometimes don’t appear until the damage is bad enough to cut into the minimal functional level.

It is a bit more puzzling why your liver tests never picked up elevated liver enzymes till later. Perhaps a physician with more understanding of those issues than I have can provide an answer.

Liver fibrosis can slowly regress if the cause of the damage is removed. That’s been seen with HCV patients who are cured with the current drug combinations. I don’t know the threshold beyond which fibrosis regression can no longer occur, nor do I know if controlling HBV with drugs like entecavir can reduce the ongoing pressure on the liver enough to lead to fibrosis regression. Again, a physician would be better suited to answer that question.

Your physician’s recommendation to control HBV well with diligent entecavir use, stop alcohol consumption, and eat a healthy, mixed diet are all good suggestions.

I wish you the very best.

John Tavis

thank you so much for your answers, but I want to say that I still have alt and ast normal shows, I accidentally did an ultrasound and then the doctor said that you have liver problems.

of all the blood tests, only the plt is low, according to phoneo 134, just 105. The rest of the tests are within normal limits.

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Dear @orxanzamanov19820,

Welcome to the forum and hope you find the support you need here. Regarding your results, they are consistent with significant fibrosis or cirrhosis, which is reversible in some cases if not too far progressed. However, this can take many many years.

Your DNA load and ALT levels now only reflects the current situation, it is possible that the liver injury leading to your fibrosis happened in the past decades where these levels were high.

Indeed, leading a healthy lifestyle will help your liver recover a bit easier.

Hope this helps,