Movie focuses lens on hepatitis B issue


Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Daisymae. I’m wondering if any of our Chinese speakers have seen this and can give their opinion. @Stephenw @Jacki @yuan @stao @Civilke


Regarding the Chinese film"The Best is Yet to Come"(β€œδΈζ­’δΈδΌ‘β€), I usually get feedback from the Chinese HBV forum( Unfortunately, this site went down for technical reasons shortly after the film was released. From what I can gather, I believe this film will do good and reflects the courage of those involved. The shutdown of is a worry as it happened before, and by the time it was restored, the number of visits to the site dwindled again.

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Hi @ThomasTu & @Daisymae: Thanks for bringing this film to our attention. I just viewed a few trailers on youtube and hope to be able to watch the full movie soon. It is emotional even just watching the trailers and I am glad to see the hep B story reproduced into a movie. In fact, we had a live interview on last World Hepatitis Day with a hep B patient from China who did exactly that (and perhaps the movie was based or inspired by his story). The live chat is in Chinese and I apology for it not in good quality, but you can view the important section from at around 30’- 40’ Redirecting...