Mental health success

A year ago, I found this community in search of medical information and emotional support. The amount of misinformation, self hate and life choices I made in reaction to my chronic HepB left me suicidal and in despair.

I am now 4 years suicide free. 3 years sober. The amount of shame and rejection invited into my mind spiralled out of control. Not only have I grown into a healthier mindset, take care of myself and have people who accept me for who I am. I’m healthy and happier and continue to plan to stay this way.

I know and have met others who were in similar positions like me and am proud of them for finding self love and acceptance. It’s uncertain when the day comes but it is certain we are fighting a winning battle with curing HepB.

Thank you to everyone for striving to make the healthiest and forward thinking choices with HepB.


Just log in and see this well said, it’s a fight we going to win at the end. And happy new year to everyone


Dear @CLC,

I am very pleased that you found this Community. It is a family of people who have HBV, have a loved one with it, and/or who are fighting to control and cure it. It exists to help people who are struggling with the virus.

I am extremely sorry that your HBV diagnosis was so devastating. I am fortunately HBV-free, but there are many people on this forum who share your pain. I hope reaching out to them provides you some solace. It is quite possible to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life despite the virus. HBV does not need to define you, rather, you can define your relationship with it.

There is a world-wide army of scientists and physicians working hard to improve therapy for HBV, and we are making exciting progress. Thomas Tu (creator of HepB Community) and I are members of that research community. It is impossible to predict when improved therapies will reach patients, but they will reach people in a reasonable time frame rather than decades in the future. I am extremely optimistic!.

John Tavis, PhD
Professor, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Director, Saint Louis University Institute for Drug and Biotherapeutic Innovation


Thank you so much, @john.tavis and @ThomasTu, for all that you on behalf of those who are afflicted (directly or indirectly) with HBV. We are indeed in good hands with you too.


Dear @CLC,

I’m so glad that you feel much better physically and mentally. This is really so very rewarding for me to hear.

All the best,


I echo what CLC said. Thank you to Thomas and the other experts on this forum that generously donate their time to us. It has made a big difference in my life knowing that there is a group I can go to with worries concerns or just to hear about others experience.


Dear @clc, your message is so beautifully sincere and inspiring. Thank you for sharing what a difficult journey you’ve been on. Hopefully you will be able to share the wisdom you’ve gained with others who are in this community. There are many people reading but not posting (for a variety of reasons). So anything that you are willing to share will certainly be appreciated by all of us, as well as those who are not actively posting. Especially how you were able to travel through the tunnel to the light. We all learn how to be better by listening to each other’s stories. Thank you again for your honesty and gratitude. Always, Joan