Mental Health resources

Dear all,

I see that there are many people telling their stories and describing a lot of anxiety, fear, and loneliness associated with being diagnosed. It is important that we talk about how we’re feeling and get other’s support and empathy while here. Indeed, it’s one of the major reasons why I set the forum up in the first place.

However, we can’t really offer trained counselling services here, so I thought it would also be great to bring together a list of mental health resources that you know of or might have found helpful during your hardest times.

I’ve put a list of resources that I know people can freely access (mostly Australian ones). I’d love to hear what the community can suggest and happy to update this list as suggestions come in. Suggestions from @ScienceExperts and @HealthExperts also welcome, of course.



  • Hepatitis Infoline - Call 1800 437 222 to get confidential support
  • Beyond Blue - If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not know where to start, have diagnosed anxiety or depression or need help to support a partner, family member or friend, call them at 1300 224 635. There’s also a web-chat function here.
  • Lifeline - If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, there is a hotline at 13 11 14 or the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.
  • MindSpot - Based in Cognitive behavioral therapy. There’s a free online assessment tools, Treatment courses, and a hotline for various conditions including anxiety, depression and OCD.

Good work Thomas. This will be of help to a lot of folks.