Man chronic hepatithis, woman vaccinated against hepb not chronic, pregnancy


I have a question, if the man is chronic hepatitis and the woman is vaccinated against hepb and not chronic, if she gets pregnant by this man, should the baby be vaccinated right after birth ?
I thought if the mother is chronic carrier than the baby should be vaccinated right after birth.


Hi @hepb1,
To answer your question, first every child born no matter the conditions (a carrier parent’s or not ) should be vaccinated. Relating to your question the only way to know whether the woman has protection is to check her HBsAb titers. Without this it will be hard to know so in this situation I will say yes vaccinate that baby right after birth to avoid any issues. Don’t take any chances; it is better safe than sorry. I hope this helps. Bansah1


Hello @hepb1

Totally agree with @Bansah1 .
All children need to be vaccinated at birth.