Lungs metastasis

Dear friends, I know all of you have always wished me well. However, fate doesn’t seem to be on my side. Yesterday I went for CT scan with contrast and multiple rounded lesions and masses were detected at the base of my lungs suggesting lungs metastasis. The biggest lesion is 42mm.I am still hospitalised waiting for the oncologist to give me the way forward tomorrow. I will appreciate your sharing on the available options


Hi @Kinoti,

Oh no! that is not good Kinoti, you have definitely been through the ringer for the past year or so. I don’t know much about this topic but I guess the cancer moved to your lungs before it was all removed by the resection? Hopefully they can catch it all this time before it spreads elsewhere. Were they checking for this at all in the past 6 months? You might think that this would be a priority to check after removing cancer one place, they would want to make sure it hadn’t spread to other places, but what do I know.

So knowing little to nothing about this, I can’t offer you much, other than I hope and pray you get the best news possible for the situation and that once they take care of this that you would be done with it, nor more cancer for Kinoti! We want to be able to call you, Cancer free Kinoti.

Both you and John-Paul are going through the ringer. I wish we could be with you guys and everyone else in the community that needs support. It would be nice if we could have a chatroom with video and voice and members could log in and give you comfort. The receiver of the support could control when and how they wanted to participate (video, voice only or just text chat) but they would at least have a connection and support from the community when they needed it most. I know that there would be times like during surgery (obviously) and other times of rest when people want to be left alone but there are also times that it would be nice to know you have that available connection to the outside world and to people that are concerned and care about you.

Prayers to you and your family. This must be difficult for them also. I am sure this community will keep you and your family in their thoughts and prayers.


Dear @Kinoti,

I’m so sorry to hear about these results. I hope there are reasonable approaches for you going forward after your meeting with the oncologist. Please keep us updated and we will try to provide you the support you need here.

Keeping you in our thoughts,


Hi @PuallyHBV and@Thomas
I have no words to thank you for coming to my support when I seriously need you.
I had done PET-CT scan a week before surgery and no metastasis was seen. After surgery, I immediately did another CT scan with contrast and still no metastasis was there. During my recovery,I had two chest x-rays after developing chest infection and also shown no obvious suspicion.I was declared cancer free.
The CT I did yesterday was six months after surgery.My surgeon called me assuring me that this could be another infection which is not obvious cancer and further tests are necessary.Given that AFP is very elevated,I think he gets it wrong.Moreover,I cannot meet him where he works because the hospital is a high end one and am using an inferior insurance belonging to my spouse.How I wish I could meet him.
I think in this one, I am unlucky.
I definitely have alot to write but my body and spirit are beaten.
I will keep you updated.

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Hi Kinoti,
I am saddened by this news. It just feels like when one is down, mother nature decides to pile more troubles on them. I bet you are tired and feel frustrated by all this already. While I understand it can be scary dealing with cancer, please try and keep your hope up. We all hope it is something that can be dealt with or handled. Lets remain hopeful and not throw in the towel in defeat yet. You have fought all the way till this point so please do not relent now. It is not easy, I understand but please remain hopeful. Let see what solution or options are available for you. I am just surprised that this happened within the last 6 months.

We are all with you man. We send lots of love and support your way.
Best, Bright

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Hi @Bansah1
I am still hospitalised doing several tests. I am very encouraged by your kind words. Let’s hope this can be handle once and for all.
I am unable to imagine my little two years old girl, very fond of me living without seeing me again. I am sure she will be wondering where I went and why I decided to leave her… God have mercy on her.

Hello Kinoti,

I always look forward to reading your comments here. This is sending you strength and courage at this trying time.

My prayer is that you beat this and be here to continue to motivate others. My advice to you is to remain hopeful and positive.

Best of Luck!


Hi Kinoti,
I appreciate your response and I do really emphasize with you on the second part of your message. I can’t imagine what I will be thinking or doing if the shoe was on my feet. I am the guy that always or tries to see the glass half full in all things. While it is human to think about such important issues, let not it overwhelm you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and remain hopeful.

Even though you might feel alone at the hospital because you can’t see us, just know that we are there with and for you. You are not alone and our support is with you. Hang in there as best as you can and think positive thoughts if you can. Not easy, I understand but we have to try. Don’t give up because you have come a long way. If you give up now then what was the point going through all these battles? I will encourage you to be strong and fight to be around for a long time for your daughter. Have a stubborn and unrelenting attitude to keep fighting. You are in my thoughts and prayers, my brother. Peace and blessings, man. Bansah1.

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Yesterday my wife was me in hospital as the doctor confirmed the findings on a Chest CT scan. She broke down. Though overwhelmed I had to remain strong to encourage her. Her experience left me shatterred. As I went through your encouraging words, my spirit was lifted up again.
Thank again Bansah. I wish more and more members of our community can continue encouraging me this way.

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Hi Kinoti,
So sorry that this is happening. As soon as I read your message, my knees were on the ground praying for you. I can’t imagine what this feels for you. My prayers are with you and your family.
I hope that you fight this.
I am also in Kenya, which hospital are you admitted at?
My thoughts are with you. Be strong kinoti.

Hi kinoti,
Its difficult but be strong, you are a great fighter. Wishing you well.

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Or so sorry to hear this.God will intervene HE will heal sorry am a new member though stay blessed

Thank you

Thank you.
I will fight hard

Thank you. I am currently at home and continuing with my normal life No pain but some slight cough.

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