Lowest possible Fibro Scan

practically what is lowest possible fibro scan score someone can get

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The “lowest score” is different for everyone because they have different liver anatomy. This is measuring a physical property of the liver (how sound bounces off of it) and seeing if that is unusual.


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We define any liver stiffness measurement below 7 kPa as normal (i.e. we don’t see fibrosis in people below this kPa threshold).

I have seen kPa values in the 4-5 range but this does not mean that someone with 5 kPa has a healthier liver than someone with 7 kPa. As Thomas indicated, liver anatomy differs between individuals.

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The first time I did a Fibroscan test was in September 2020 and the result was F0 without indicating any kPa nor steatosis CAP value.

Then the second Fibroscan test was in May 2021 with these results:
Fibrosis F1 (Metavir) 5,7 kPa
Steatosis S0, CAP value 161 dB

My third and latest Fibroscan test was in March 2022:
Fibrosis F1 (Metavir) 5,9 kPa
Steatosis S0, CAP value 189dB

Are these results indicate that I have fibrosis and kind of progressions towards steatosis, or is nothing to worry about?

I was told by the doctor who did the Fibroscan that this might be due to the sport I did in the past. Could be this an explanation?

Sorry for my mistakes, English is not my first language.

Dear @ecky,

Thanks for your question. As mentioned by @availlant above, any score below 7kPa is normal and indicates there is no significant scarring/fibrosis.


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